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boys losing or stealing shoes

losing shoes

Posted by schoolsoxnundeez on 2010-11-16 16:23:17

please feel free to share stories about losing shoes, having shoes stolen, or stealing shoes, or email me at: schoolsoxundeez@yahoo.com

Posted by boertje175 on 2010-11-27 15:59:09

I was walking in a forest with my very old sneakers on my feet. The laces where broken and tied together again, and where pretty loose. There was a branch on the path, and i decided to kick it away. Unfortunately my right shoe came off and flew in the air. It came down on a tree branch about 4 meters in the air. I tried to get my shoe back, but after 30 minutes of trying, i decided to go back home wearing only one loose sneaker. The other shoe is still hanging in that #$@#$ tree. I was so angry that i removed the shoelace of my other sneaker and trew it away in a small lake. Stupid... It was a pretty long walk back on only one sneaker without any laces!

Posted by schoolsoxnundeez on 2010-12-01 22:51:23

a post from the poll:

Few days ago I went to my friends party and there I met some other kids. One of them named Kevin was dressed just like a dork: he was wearing his school uniform jersey, navy short pants and white van slip-on shoes with light blue socks but I like the way his feet looked and I just love his shoes. Later we played twister and Kevin had to take his shoes off to step on the cloth and left his shoes lying on the floor near my chair. As he was playing I took the chance to check out his socks and slip my shoes off and put Kevins shoes on and it felt great! although t Then I started doing some shoeplay with his shoes because they were size 6 and mine 7. I wanted those shoes so badly I forced my feet into the shoes that the shoe toe came unstuck from the sole and I was able to see my socks coming out through the canvas, so I immediately took Kevins shoes off and kicked them under the couch and pretended I wanted to play. When the game was over Kevin looked for his shoes but he didn't find them, so we went to the have dinner and Kevin stayed in his socks the rest of the evening. He was sitting at table almost in front of me so I touched his feet in socks with mine and we played footsie then he put his feet on my stretched legs and I looked down and saw his socks dirty. When the party was over and we had to go home Kevin asked for help to find his shoes and my brothers friend found them and gave them to Kevin. He walked to the door and when Kevin put his shoes on he noticed his shoe going split and you could see his blue sock toe. He yelled asking who ripped the shoes and was so mad. Nobody said anything but he had to go home with his torn shoe on. No one knew I was the one. Ethan

Posted by Mark96 on 2010-12-19 18:34:38

Now is a winter here, and we must changing our shoes at school. I wear inside black fabric slip-on shoes. Last Friday I wanted to go to the library after the last lesson. When I ran upstairs, I suddenly slipped and fell. When I got up, I realized that I lost one shoe. In addition, it fell down the stairs to the lobby. I had to go down, but then my shoe was gone - I could just see it as some boy kicked it with full his strengh. So I had to run in that direction, wearing one black shoe and only a gray sock on my left foot. Of course, others laughed and teased me. When the lesson bell rang, I was still wearing one shoe. I thought that when all the students go to their classes, I can find my shoe. But before that, one of the teachers noticed and asked me why I wear only one shoe. So I had to tell her what had happened. Finally, I was left alone in the lobby. But still nothing. In the end, I went to the library in one shoe and one sock. Librarian also laughed at me a little, a lot more other students, who were in the library. I chose the books quickly and went out. I found my shoe in the locker room when it was opened on the next break.

Posted by Gfire on 2011-01-01 07:25:39

Me and a few friends were playing football at a park. My friend threw the ball into some bushes a few feet away. I went after the ball, and steeped into a deep mud puddle. I tried to pull my foot out, but it wouldn't budge. My friend had to lift me out of the mud puddle. When he did, I was only wearing one shoe since my shoe fell off in the mud and sunk deep in it. I couldn't get it, so I had to walk home in one shoe and a muddy sock.