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Question For Anyone

Posted by andrew92 on 2010-11-11 21:07:48

First off, there would be 10 of my friends. One of us would lift up your shirt while the rest of us slapped your belly constantly. Once you submit to us, we will pin you down, and mercilessly tickle you until you pass out.

What would happen if your friends surrounded me? What would happen when I submit to you guys?

Posted by andrew92 on 2010-11-11 21:09:29

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Posted by andrew92 on 2010-11-12 18:10:27

My group of friends are a mix and about my age.

It would be just you and me. I would tie you with ropes, your arms above your head and feet tied together and you's be tied to a bed. I would lift up your shirt and start by tickling your belly button. Then I'd scribble my fingers all over your belly, making it tickle like crazy. Then I'd sit on your chest, facing your belly, and then bend down and blow tons of raspberries on your belly. Then, I'd use your belly as a drum. Then I'd slap your belly until it was red. I'd also punch your belly. Then I'd lift your shirt up to expose your chest. I'd tickle your ribs and chest, ruthlessly. Then, to finish it off, I tickle your, sides, belly, chest, and ribs, mercilessly until you passed out. Once you came to, I'd give you a hard slap on your belly. Then I'd untie you.

What if you could tie me up or pin me down and do whatever you wanted to my belly, would you tie me up with and to what? Would you pin me down and how would you? What would you do to my belly? Would I have a shirt on, shirtless, or will my shirt be pulled up? Would any of your friends be there to watch or help?

Posted by andrew92 on 2010-11-13 16:47:53

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Posted by andrew92 on 2010-12-02 17:52:36

I'm a prison guard and your the prisoner. I would tie your feet to the ceiling so you are hanging upside down and your shirt falls down past your chest. I would start by tickling your belly button for a few minutes. Then I'd tickle your entire belly for few minutes. Then I'd move to your chest, ribs, and armpits, and tickle them for a few minutes. Then I'd blow a big long raspberry on your belly. Then I'd slap your belly until it was red and you said "Uncle". Then, I'd untie your feet and let you go.

What would be your scenario? How would you punish my belly? Would I have shirt on or would I be shirtless, etc.?

Also, if you had the opportunity to blow raspberries on my belly would you do it? Would the raspberries be soft and small? Soft and medium length? Soft and long? Medium and short? Medium and Medium? Medium and long? Loud and short? Loud and meduim? Loud and long?