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What should I wear on 7th grade school camp

Underwear at Summer Camp

Posted by crawfish on 2010-10-02 16:16:19

I loved summer camp. Every year there wre new and uninitiated campers. One of our favorite games was Capture the Flag. While the object of the game was to capture the opponent's flag without being caught, another tactic was to capture as many of the opposing team as you could. This left them with fewer players to capture your team's flag.

We usually played one cabin against an other cabin. Since this was a coed camp, this usually meant the girls against the boys. Pitty the poor boys who got captured by our team. They could be captured anywhere within the bounds of the game, but we preferred to capture them on our side of the game as they tried to capture our flag.

We like to capture the boys one at a time as the other boys scattered to avoid capture. When we captured a boy, we could hold him until his team mates attempted to release him. Once he was captured the fun began.

Our favorite technigue was to strip off the boy's camp shorts and tee shirt to discourage the boy from attempting to escape. Most of the boys tried to put up a struggle and some were brought to tears as we relieved them of their shorts and shirts. We then kept their shorts and sent them under guard to our prisoner holding area wearing only their shoes and undies.

We would then hide and wait for another attack. Often, we would collect four or five prisoners in this manner.