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nudity for teenage boys


Posted by Chase Parker on 2015-11-28 00:52:07

Nudity at home for me is common. I openly get nude at my home and have the freedom to whatever naked. I also am openly nude in front of others at home. Sometimes its embarrassing but it also relaxing.

Posted by boizrus on 2015-11-28 15:57:33

It is also liberating. I have no problem being naked in front of my sister or my mother. Most of my sisters friends and my and my brothers' friends have seen me naked too so I don't need to worry about covering up and this gives me so much more freedom at home. It is nice to be able to be naked when I want to be and not worry about who might see.

Posted by Chase Parker on 2015-12-03 22:21:21

I am a only child so my parents only see me naked and $%!@ing.

Posted by JONGEN on 2015-12-10 23:26:53

hi me to its cool to see some guys are not to shy to be naked in front of there moms or let there mom see them $%!@e

Posted by Chase Parker on 2015-12-12 16:41:21

I wanked this morning in den area while mom was getting my clothes ready. But she has taking me down the country where my granny and grandpa live. They live in a trailer in the middle of no wear, so as soon as I got there I kicked of my pants because I went shirtless the whole way down there with no underwear on or sockes and I didn't bring any clothes besides this shorts I wore so I will be able to be naked the whole weekend hear