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Celebrities' Pain Resistance

Most heard

Posted by lilith001 on 2011-02-05 20:46:19

Anne Hathaway > Miley Cyrus - Winona Ryder > Anne Heche

Posted by lilith001 on 2014-07-21 17:40:57

Holly Marie Combs>Alyssa Milano - Hayley Williams>Taylor Momsen - Amanda Bynes>Britney Spears - Meaghan Jette Martin>Vanessa Hudgens - Taylor Dooley>Alexa Vega - Amanda Bynes>Brenda Song - Cheryl Ladd>Kelly Ripa - Hilary Duff>Miranda Cosgrove - Hayden Panettiere>Miley Cyrus - Anne Hathaway>Hayden Panettiere - Hayden Panettiere>Emily Osment - Anne Heche>Scarlett Johansson - Emma Watson>Kristen Stewart - Winona Ryder>Anne Heche (more than once!) - Victoria Justice>Miranda Cosgrove - Nicole Aniston>Ariel X - Hayden Panettiere>Anne Heche - Emma Watson>Jennifer Lawrence - Jennifer Aniston>Anne Heche - Selena Gomez>Taylor Swift

Posted by lilith001 on 2017-11-26 22:59:49

Jessica Alba>Amber Heard - Ashley Benson>Amber Heard - Victoria Justice>Anne Hathaway - Victoria Justice>Demi Lovato - Selena Gomez>Victoria Justice and also: Rose beats Anne in a 10 minutes catfight with 5:1 pins. 3 pins in the last 3 minutes. Maria Bello destroys Marisa Tomei in a topless boxing match. Emma Watson and Katy Perry pinch each other's nipples till Katy gives in crying. A voter would like that Alyssa Milano and also Holly Mary Combs knock out Rose Mc Gowan in a topless boxing match. I think Alyssa could do that indeed, and chances for Holly Mary are about even...