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Kids Taking Their Socks Off at a Friend's House

Kids Taking Their Socks Off at a Friend's House

Posted by markjones99uk on 2010-09-30 20:52:09

My kids are required to take their socks off at the door. When they were younger, the rule was limited to just taking shoes off at the door, but they were forver leaving their socks abandoned around the house, and it started to drive me mad, making the house look a mess. Funnily enough, whenever their friends came round it was the same story. Their friends were required to leave their shoes outside when they come in (to keep the place clean) but inevitably, after a while they'd end up taking their socks off too and just playing about in bare feet.

Anyway, I just got sick of tripping over socks that were left abandoned all over the house. It looked a mess, and there was always some kid that couldn't find his socks when it was time to leave, so I decided to make it a rule that socks are left by the door when they enter. This is both for my own kids, and any friends that come visiting.

My kids didn't mind so much, but some of their friends were taken aback when they were told to take their socks off straight away and leave them by the door. They didn't seem very happy at first, but after a while they were running about happily enough in bare feet. And after they've been over a few times, they remember the rules and don't need to be told.

So I don't have any more random socks scattered around the house, which is good, but then when my kids have quite a few friends over, I instead end up with a huge pile of socks by the door. It can cause problems with who's socks belong to whom (especially since they all seem to wear plain black socks) but it makes more sense to me to have the kids take their socks off straight away when they come in - they are better off in bare feet, especially with slippery wood flooring.

Posted by aquamermaid on 2012-02-28 05:00:49

I'm a sock lover and well I can't function without wearing socks I don't like the feeling of being barefoot or without socks and its so uncomfortable first of all my feet get cold easy second of all its the fact the my foot dont feel a sock I try to take my shoes off at the door so I dont tract sanspurs in the house. but I wear socks 24/7 if im forced to remoe socki get sick I just keep clean socks and stocks and my purce if I knom oing osocks off rule house Iwear panyhose people dn k girl to take off panyhose that would be harassment

Posted by canadiangurl941 on 2014-06-15 07:17:41

My friend doesn't have a "socks off" rule but the same thing is happening at her house. All her friends (myself included) never take our socks off at the door by we always end up taking them off at one point and not putting them back on until leaving. I wonder if my friend will make the rule eventually because I always see her mom picking up our socks when we are doing something in our barefeet.

Posted by mrmason on 2017-03-14 08:03:44

We don't allow shoes in the house. The house has polished floors in the entrance and halls. Its a very large area. The floors are slipperyin just socks. When our kids friends come they either wear slippers or have to take socks off at the door. Most take socks off and run around bare foot.

Posted by THISISJOE on 2017-07-23 16:52:13

I always take my shoes and socks off at the door and my friends often Come round and just take their shoes off, but most of the time they take their socks off when they come into my room and throw them across the room, and I got sick of the mess so i ask them to put them by their shoes, Now sometimes they just take their shoes and socks off by the door just so they dont have to bring the socks back later.