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should olympic sports and others be in the nude?(bodypaint)


Posted by firepoint525 on 2013-05-14 14:57:03

Of all the sports mentioned here, gymnastics is probably the one that is already closest to being performed in the nude already. Gymnasts wear leotards that sometimes can't even cover their butts! When we did gymnastics in P.E. back in high school, we were joined by a girl who was a senior at the time. She always wore leotards, and she always wore her leotard in a wedgie with her butt showing! She never even seemed to mind that her butt was being exposed by her leotards! I am not sure if her leotards were too small for her (I'm thinking that they were), or if she just simply preferred to wear them in a wedgie. At any rate, she was unable to cover her butt whenever she wore those leotards! And this was back in the late '70s, before the butt-baring look became a bit more common in the '80s. She got quite a bit of attention from the guys in the class, but she didn't seem to mind that, either! (She was a senior, and we were all freshmen!)

Personally, I wish that all gymnasts would perform their routines, if not nude, at least in thong leotards! They would no longer need to worry about wedgies, because they would know going in that they would be exposing their butts completely bare whenever they performed their routines. There would no longer be any attempt by any of them to cover their $%!@. Most gymnasts have extremely sexy rear ends, and they should be proud to show off their assets whenever they perform in public!

Posted by firepoint525 on 2013-05-14 17:03:32

Here are some examples of why gymnasts should wear thong leotards. These girls were wearing thong leotards by the end of their routines anyway.

Amelie Foellinger, German gymnast:


Alessia Leolini:



Steliana Nistor:






Nistor was nearly as well-known for baring her $%!@ at nearly every routine, as she was for her gymnastic skills! Since she bared her butt nearly every time that she stepped onto the floor, she would have been better served by performing in thong leotards.

Charlotte Lindsley:


Dariya Zgoba:




Samantha Walior:


Even for a collegiate gymnast, Walior was quite "cheeky" here!

Marie Roethlisberger:


Patricia Moreno:



Silvia Colussi-Pelaez:






Still photos of Silvia Colussi-Pelaez:







You can also visit the gallery from these links. Silvia has a very nice sexy $%!@!

Laura Campos. She got her wedgie while the whole world was watching! 2008 Olympics!


Shawn Johnson:


Erica Fontaine: (a wedgie so big that a teammate fixes it!)


Rachel Hornung:


A classic case of a butt too big and a leotard too small! Rachel was wearing a THONG leotard by the "end" of her performance! Her ENTIRE butt was showing!

Savannah Force:


She is wearing a thong leotard by the end of this performance! She also went to Oregon State, like Silvia Colussi-Pelaez also did, but not sure if they were ever teammates.

Savannah Force gallery:


Nia Dennis of UCLA. Very cheeky here!


Posted by unsanesarah on 2014-08-07 23:20:33

I have to agree that any girl that spent the time and effort to perfect her body to perform such amazing feats should and would be proud to perform her routines fully nude, and, in fact, stay nude through the whole competition, meeting fans, photos, eating, etc. I think if it were given as a option you'd find a lot of pro and amateur gymnasts simply showing up nude in the first place, either driving in that way or having their parents drop them off that way. Plus, when learning, it would allow better concentration on developing correct techniques and confidence if they were simply nude the whole time. Most young gymnasts have amazing bodies that they really should be proud of and happy to leave uncovered.

Posted by JustChris on 2014-12-19 22:57:44

Everything should be done in the nude, especially things like gymnastics. In fact, it should be law that all gymnasts go nude everywhere 24/7. They work so very hard to obtain the bodies that they do, it's a real shame they aren't all showing themselves off constantly.

Posted by uptownmom!! on 2015-06-05 05:22:13

More than 40 years ago Cathy Rigby, an American gymnast who was about 18 at the time, did a gymnastics workout completely in the nude that was photographed by a photographer doing a series on the human body in motion. One of the photos appeared in Sports Illustrated. More recently a couple of years ago an Olympic gymnast was nude in ESPN The Body Issue. The aesthetics of the female body in gymnastics is unquestionable, I agree with the above comment about leotards being a bit awkward for some gymnasts. A thong bottom with butts completely exposed would be better. I don't think nude gymnastics is a real possibility, especially with so many young teens competing. We might possibly see a former gymnastics competitor capitalize on her fame by doing a pictorial in Playboy or other magazine in the nude. But in competition, I doubt if you'll see bare breasts or complete nudity. But I think bare butt thongs could become accepted, even on the younger competitors.