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Judicial CP 2

Swift punishment without poverty or expense.

Posted by artie76 on 2010-09-28 16:23:29

This seems like a win/win situation. The state can cut down on overcrowding in jails and offenders can take their lumps and get on with their lives. Until very recently CP was an option even in western cultures.

Posted by merimeri69 on 2010-10-22 09:20:37
I agree entirely! The subject of bringing back judicial corporal punishment is of great interest to me. If anyone is interested in discusing the subject by e-mail, you can write to me at merimeri69@aim.com I am an adult female, and I am fed up with the current judicial system.


Posted by Franky M on 2011-01-01 18:47:34

Meri, I also agree that judicial CP is an alternative. But would you be so eager if you would be sentenced to CP or a close relative?

Posted by merimeri69 on 2011-02-25 06:44:18
Of course I would not be eager to be sentenced to judicial corporal punishment. And I would hate to see a daughter, sister or other relative have to receive such a punishment. That would be even worse than having to suffer it myself. But if it came down to a choice between a quick, humiliating and painful punishment as opposed to months or years in the current penal system, I would take the corporal punishment any time. It would be horrible to have to be stripped naked in front of witnesses. Worse yet if the punishment was public (as I think it should be,) and my humiliation could be seen by anyone that wished to. To be effective both as punishment and as a deterrant, whatever method chosen would have to be extremely painful, and I wouuld not look forward to that either. Whether the punishment was a lengthy public caning, the agonizing application of electric shocks to the most intimate and sensitive parts of my body, or even, as discussed in another Mr. Poll question, painful and humiliating judicial rape, I would not be eager for the experience. But I would still accept it in preference to waisting months or years of my life in a mind numbing, soul rotting prison cell. However bad the corporal punishment would be, it would soon be over, and I could get on with my life. The whole idea of punishment is for the criminal to pay their debt to society and then to return to that society as a productive citizen. Corporal punishment is much more likely to achieve that goal then the present system. Of course, it is also true that, if you don't want to suffer such punishment, all you have to do is to avoid the commiting a crime in the first place. That is the whole idea... In the unlikely event of being convicted of a crime, I would do my best to face my punishment as bravely as possible, and to get it over. I have no illusions that I would be heroic. I would squirm and kick and struggle as I was strapped down to the punishment bench, and i would cry and beg and plead to be spared. But by that point, I would have no choice in the matter. When the cane struck my poor tender buttocks, I would scream, as women have screamed through the ages when they were punished. If it was electric shock, I would twitch and scream as the electrodes were clipped to my nipples. As shock after shock surged through my tender flesh, I might well wet myself from the pain, screaming myself hoarse as sweat pored from my body and tears from my eyes. If it was judicial rape, I would squirm and struggle in the pillory, and I would try to squeeze my anus as tight as possible to resist the inevitable, agonizing penetration, even though I knew that all resistance was futile. I would suffer terribly, and feel sorry for myself as every woman who has ever been punished has felt. But i would survive... I would have learned my lesson, and I could return to my life with new respect for the law. what you ask is a valid question. Many people are glad to see others suffer, but give no thought as to how it would be to receive such treatment. As i think you can tell from the above, I have given it a great deal of thought. Eager? No. But I would accept it as the price that must be paid to have a safe, orderly society. I absolutely believe in bringing back judicial corporal punishment. And I would be happy to discuss the subject with any like minded ladies who would care to write to me at merimeri69@aim.com. Franky, I seldom discuss such things with men, but if you would care to be in touch, I can tell you have given a lot of thought to the subject and I might consider visiting with you about jcp and related subjects. Write to me, and we will see. Thanks for your interest in this subject, and for trying to keep some discussion going on this fascinating and important topic.


Posted by dirtgirl on 2011-06-11 10:21:33

Meri, that was hot!