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Lost a slave bet with offspring...

Property of my Son

Posted by SlvMom on 2012-06-12 14:42:39

I am a 33 year old single mother who is the full, total and complete slave to my 19 year old son. I was enslaved two years ago when my son came home from school as I was doing dishes at the kitchen sink. I was wearing a tight tube top over my 42D $%!@ anda matching pair of daisy dukes, my $%!@ long aurburn hair was hanging loose. He came up behind me and unexpectedy grabbed a handful of my hair turedme around and kissed me deeply and savagely, as he tore my top off and squeezed my $%!@ hard, piching the nipples painfully. He broke th kiss and forced me to my knees with one hand as he dropped his pants with the other freeing his tool, 10' long and 3" thick. I started to ask him what he thought he was doing ony to earn a hard slap across my face before that wonderful shaft was inserted into my mouth and down my throat. With his fully in my throat I could not breath and he held me there as he told me that from that moment on I was his slave bitch, that had better learn to obey him completely and that I was his to do with as he wished even if he wished to snuff me. Now, I have been submissive all my life and to have my own son take me so firmly in hand drove me wildan d I had a huge orgasim right there as I suffocated on his c*k. I nodded my acceptance of His demands. He proceeded to $%!@ my face rewarding me with a huge load of delicious ma cream. He then took my p**sy and rear as He informed me that I was forbidden to use the washer until further notice, I would have to do the wash b hand, also no more mopping the floors I had to scrub and wax on hands and knees as a woman should, as we did not have a dishwasher I do dishes in the sink anyway. I earned money doing medical transcrption on my computer at home. Master allowed me to continue to do that. Master went into constructin after He graduated and now makes good money too and has torn out the old kitchen sink and installed an industrial style kitchen deep sinks, the kind that has three, two and a half feet deep sinks in one unit. These sinks make me bend over invitingly when I am worng at them. I am kept nude 24/7/365 at home, no matter who else may be there. I have a stainless steel collar welded on my neck and my Master's intials branded on my left flank. I have had a set of twins, a boy and girl, my own grandchildren by my Master and am expecting again.

So while there was no bet involved I am my own Son's slave bitch. I love being His property.

Posted by Mukesh Kheni on 2020-12-09 14:51:25

You can know who owns the property by checking the land records on Anyror 7/12 website.