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Cold for Beauty?

Cold for Beauty!

Posted by hk_princess on 2010-06-01 07:51:08

Hi, I will like to share some of my stories with you. I used to be the girl who dresses up for the weather but this all changes last year when I have my boyfriend.

One day, my boyfriend mentioned he loves to see me shivering and cold, with goosebumps and blueish skins. He loves to see me with bare arms and legs. He also mentioned buying me a diamond ring if i will wear short sleeves/sleeveless top with mini skirts bare legs for the whole year even in winter. I love my bf so much that even without getting the diamond ring, I will wear just for him even if I gets really cold.

As I mentioned, I always dress for the weather, so the first time was extremely cold and I shivered uncontrollably.

It was a cold december night, and we had breaks from uni. My bf asked me out to a restaurant for dinner. I decided to dress in a short sleeves shirt with mini skirts and my converse shoe. So that my arms and my legs are all bare. The temperature that night was -3C. I could feel the cold when I walked from my house to his car and from his car to the restaurant. But it was for a short time so it was ok. During dinner, he mentioned how cute and beautiful I looked. I was very happy with his comments. We finished dinner about 8pm, and my bf suggested going to a beach for a evening walk and some chats. Since we only been dating for about 2 months, but we were both busy with uni stuffs, we thought having some chats will be good idea.

When we arrived at the beach, I could feel the extreme cold on my exposed bare skins once I opened the car door. The beach had some icy breeze and added to the already freezing temperature, it was just too cold for me with what i was wearing. By the time I opened the car door, goosebumps covered my arms and legs right away. Within 10 minutes I started shivering and my skin started turning blueish. When I was talking to my bf, he said my chattering teeth and my shivering made me so cute, and the goosebumps on my skins looked nice. I did not want to disappoint my bf so I decided to tough it out. After 30 mins, we decided to sit down, found a snowy ice cold bench. Due to not walking and direct contact of my skin with the snow, I was really really cold. I was shivering uncontrollably as we talked and getting to know more about each other personal stuffs. By one hour, I was so so so cold that it was hard for me to talk. My bf noticed my extreme shivering and extreme chattering teetch while we were talking. He took off his gloves and put his warm hand over my ice cold goosebumps blueish legs. He was a bit shock at how ice cold my legs were and asked me if I was really really cold. I told him I was but the time we spent together was worth it. He offered his jacket to cover my bare arms and started rubbing my legs with his hand. It made me little bit warmer but not much as I was still very exposed and little clothings but the ways he hugged me and rubbing my legs were nice. After another 2 hours of chats, he could see I was very very cold, and we decided to go home.

Three hours in the cold snowy beach with icy breeze really pushed my body to my limits. I had never shiver so much before and also hav maximum goosebumps possible. I had never had my skins ice cold to touch before. But it was a good experience and some good chats with my bf, despite the coldness. It was worth it.

Posted by lissy w. on 2010-06-02 16:37:52

Hi, I get it that a lot of guys like us girls to show a lot of bare skin in the winter cold. When I wear very little my skin turns a bit red or blueish after some time and I start to shiver, but I don't care, I have no problems freezing as I feel sexy because skimpy clothes simply look better. From my point, guys do very well have a close look at our goosebumps and shivering muscles, as they show off your slim body ;-) Why would one hide it under thick layers? Only if a girl had something to hide...;-) So I am a bit proud to show my flat stomach and my hip bones, my slim legs, shoulders and arms because I have worked out hard for it. My thin body makes me feel the cold a lot more than an average normal-sized girl. But the message is, hey, look there guys, I am cool enough to tough it out, I like feeling sexy (and thus being cold, hehe)! No matter how much I freeze, I stay outside in minimal summer clothing, even if I get sick, that does not stop me. It is my style! And by the way, my boyfriend likes to see me (and show me off :-)) skimpily dressed, cold and shivering and revealing a lot of skin, too. Last winter he mentioned that he loves it when I deny that I am sick although I am obviously coughing and sneezing, just to be able to still go out skimpily dressed with him. He said he loves it when I go out in the freezing cold, wearing next to nothing and shivering uncontrollably with bluish skin and huge goosebumps despite being sick. He also said that he loves it when I get wet in the freezing rain, such that my nipples protrude the thin material of my wet and almost transparent top, while I try to suppress my uncontrollable shivering, sneezing, and coughing through chattering teeth. Does your boyfriend like you to get wet in the cold rain, also your hair? Of course I am not supposed to towel off then, which I tough out to not disappoint him despite being even colder with dripping wet hair, body, and clothes in the ice cold wind. Of course you feel a lot colder when you are sick, but you get used to it and in the end it is not that big difference. Some guys find my cough and sneezing sexy and offer me a kleenex or buy me a hot coffee g. Sometimes I shock them replying that I would rather have an ice-cream ;-).

Princess, I understand that you do not wear much clothing in the cold either ;-). Your experience going out in just a short shirt and mini skirt on a frosty night is amazing! You must have been the center point of attention. Do you wear any underwear? Stupid question, as this does not fit in with your erotic clothing style. I do not wear any either, just no space left under a lowrise jeans/skirt or a tight-fitting top ;-). Too bad that you took your boyfriend's jacket. You should really have toughed it out with bare arms and legs if you really love him. You would not have been much colder without his jacket anyway. Perhaps you could even have taken something more off to please him, you were at the beach after all, what do you think? What about a dip in the sea, (dressed would have been ok since you hadn't been knowing each other for long)? Will you continue to go out bare-legged in short miniskirts and just tiny skimpy tops without jacket in cold nasty weather? Have you tried to go bare-footed, or at least with bare feet in sandals or flip-flops? Will you reveal a lot of skin even if the sub-zero weather makes you freeze your buns off? I guess that's what guys find very sexy about us! Did you get sick from going out in minimal clothing? This is a matter of getting used to the cold over time and building up resistance. Do you continue to go out wearing next to nothing in subzero weather when you are sick? Does your boyfriend like that?

Ciao, Lissy

Posted by LauraKlitz on 2010-06-04 17:06:19

I have to amend that not only men like to see barely dressed women in the cold - at least some women also do.

My own tolerance towards the cold is somewhat limited. If it's too cold I opt for a longer skirt, pantyhose, even trousers and a jacket or a coat; on the other hand I don't tolerate such clothing on my girlfriend Nicole.

I want her to wear always the least possible amount of clothes - especially in winter!

Bare legs and bare belly are a must that is never discussed. If it's only cold but neither raining nor too windy it's also bare arms and shoulders or a completely backless top.

It's so sexy to see her almost bare in bad weather trying to stand it. She's very sweet and cute and seeing her exposed to the elements makes her look even cuter and sexier.

She really copes well with the cold but she's always trying to challenge me by putting on too much. I then either threaten to punish her or - what has proved to be very effective - I tell her it's OK but I'm soo disapointed...

Posted by coalburner on 2010-06-07 19:12:01

I really don't know whether my man wants to see me freeze but he just doesn't tolerate it when I wear more than a small top and a micro skirt. Luckily he likes it when I wear high heels and better still those with platform so I never have to go barefoot.

I am very proud that I got through the winter without ever wearing warm clothes but I don't believe I could have sitten for hours on a icy bench in the snow. When I get too cold we always get into some pub or other place until I warmed up a little. On the other hand there's no way I'd be accepting any additional clothing from anyone. Even if my man offered me something I wouldn't accept it as i know how disappointed he'd be.

Posted by lissy w. on 2010-07-01 22:33:20

Hi Laura,

I also like it when women wear minimal clothing in the cold, especially in winter. Since I am mainly interested in men, I am not particularly looking for a girlfriend, on the other hand, your words about Nicole catch my interest.

May I ask whether she is thin, since I believe that slender women are more susceptible to the cold and thus freezing earlier and shivering harder with blue lips and goosebumps, which I think is really sexy. Does or did she try to loose weight to that effect? How tall is she?

I think it is the contrast between the weather and the clothing that attracts attention, and a girl demonstrates self-confidence and coolness when she sticks to her style, no matter what the circumstances are. Hence, I do not let the cold stop me from wearing what I want and enjoy. Consequently, I do not dress any warmer when I am sick. How does Nicole react to being sick? I hope you do not allow her to cover up in that case. I think it is very sexy and self-confident when a girl keeps her minimal clothing style in the winter cold even when she is coughing and sneezing or caught the flu. The contrast is even bigger and sexier when she is obviously sick and refuses to admit so. She will shiver even more and her teeth will chatter louder when she has a fever, which adds even more to her sweetness and sexiness. Did you try that? I did several times, and I never want to miss it!

You mention that you like to see Nicole almost bare in bad weather trying to stand it. I understand that you love to push her to her limits, and she does not want to disappoint you. How good is her cold endurance, i.e., how long did she stay in which temperature and weather conditions? What did she wear, what did her skin look like, how much and how hard did she shiver/chatter? Could you elaborate on that or share some stories?

You write that Nicole has to bare her arms, shoulders, and back only when it is not raining or windy. I think it does not really matter in wind or rain whether these parts are covered or not, since a thin layer of clothing on your arms, shoulders, or back will not keep you warm. In fact, I think that it looks very sexy when small raindrops gather between the fine hair which stands on end with goosebumps on a girl's shivering cold bluish bare skin (by the way, is she tanned?). And then her skin, her tiny top and hair get wetter and wetter... I love that winter wetlook and enjoy it myself. So what do you think, are you planning on making Nicole wear a backless neckholder top when it is raining and very windy next winter? I guess she will like it, and love to wear it to please you even if it makes her very wet and freezing cold, and you will love it, too. In case she should be reluctant, you could tell her it's OK but you're soo disapointed ;-)

Love, Lissy