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Why Believe In Religion/A God?


Posted by minervo on 2010-07-14 22:37:07

In response to how you said you read a portion of the bible and found it hard to believe: In order to understand the whole thing, you need perspective so you must read the whole thing starting front to back. I believe the bible is the word of truth. What if i told you that in order to find the truth, you must forget everything you've ever been taught? For I also was an athiest for the first 17 years or so of my life. Yet I know i'm not going to change anyone else's opinion. The holy truth is that those who were destined to believe, eventually find the strength to do so.

Posted by Sophisticated Simplicities on 2010-08-15 05:47:36


Thank you very much for the advice, maybe there will be a day that comes where I decide to read more of the holy bible. Until then, I have gone to church very often in respect to my family because I wouldn't intentionally cause negativity among us.

As for forgetting everything, that would be a difficult task to commit. My enthusiasm grew so much throughout passed years to hear theories, I've heard all kinds of scientific explanations. And they were informing as much as they were interesting.

That being said, I always remain an open-minded person so my opinions tend to change quite often. Plus, I will have to admit, the religion factor set aside, what religion does is bring a lot of good people together into one group. Religious people are very generous, selfless at times and over-all pleasant to be around. (As far as I've seen)

To this day I still stand as a non-practicer of any set religion, perhaps classified into the category of atheisim.