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Judicial CP

Results and another poll: Judicial CP2

Posted by Thordis on 2010-07-10 23:52:13

Now after 131 people have voted I have studied the results carefully and I admit that some of them surprise me. It surprises me that the view on judicial CP is so positive. It also surprises me that females no matter age seem to be a little more in favour of judicial CP than the males. The difference between female and male voters opinion is not big but it is obvious. To the question: “Should the judicial system have the option to sentence offenders to CP instead of fines and up to six months imprisonment?” do 96.94 of all voters say yes. 85.7% of the 14 juvenile male voters say yes. 96% of the 52 adult male voters say yes. But 100% of the 13 juvenile female voters and of the 52 adult female voters say yes. To the question: If Judicial CP is introduced again (no matter if you are in favour of it or not): “Would you personally prefer to be sentenced to CP instead of up to six months imprisonment?” do 64.28% of the 14 juvenile male voters say yes. 71% of the adult male voters say yes. For the females are the yes-percentages significantly higher: 92.85% of the 14 juvenile females say yes and 96% of the 51 adult females say yes. The results have made me very curious so I have created a new poll called Judicial CP 2 and I hope that you will all take that poll too. Please do also comment on the questions and the subject so we all can learn as much as possible. If you want to tell me something in private you are welcome to write to me thordis.riis.@gmail.com Thordis