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Should Schools Paddle

Paddle Instead of Detention

Posted by R.J. on 2010-06-27 23:15:50

In my junior and senior year I was old enough to after an after school job and on Saturdays & after school detention interfered so I opted several times to trade off an hour of detention for 3 swats. For some reason, a detention slip needed to go home for signature but if you opted the paddle, you took it then, had it over and no note.

Getting 3 swats over the seat of my Levis with boxers underneath, and if I knew in advance enough wearing a pair of briefs or my pe shorts too, was better than sitting in detention the next afternoon & explaining why I would be late for work not to mention explaining a detention slip at home.

How many others took a paddling option or would have taken such an option if offered in high school?

Posted by Sam Jones on 2010-06-28 00:24:18

Dear R. J.,

I'm sure it was for this very reasons that, when I was in school, guys got licked either in the principal's office with the blind drawn so no one could look in from the hallway or in the boy's locker room -- and then with pants and underwear down. Are you far enough beyond your licks with a paddle through all those layers of clothing to admit that you did not get it bad enough?

We got it with paddles with holes, and that made it worse, of course. I'd think that the holes should be bigger if your lick it on through the boy's clothing. Did your school paddles have holes? Even so, I'd think a solid paddle straight to the behind would hurt even worse than a paddle with holes through your pants and underwear.

If ever getting it straight to the behind had benefits, it's with lexan or rubber paddles! The fire burns really bad when those go right to the butt.

Posted by Olip on 2010-07-03 19:57:09

If the school wouldn't call home after you got the paddle, I'd rather get the paddle in school than detention. I doubt that the school would lick you all that bad, and it would sure be better than getting it from your dad. At least my dad. He uses a rubber paddle, and it burns so bad that you scream as hard as you can cause of the fire on your butt. The paddle in school would be a lot better.

Posted by SamRT13 on 2010-07-06 00:47:39

My younger boy told me one time that he'd FAR rather get a thrashing than to get detention I told him that it would need to hurt more and more as he got older, and he told me he understood that and wouldn't hold it against me. It did happen a few times, and he howled and finally screamed because of how bad it hurt, but the next day he told me I'd given him what he deserved and even thanked me for it. I about cried when he told me.

Posted by Olip on 2010-07-13 17:31:29

Yeah, that happened to me one time, and I thanked my dad, too. He's a great dad, and when he licks you, you know you deserve it, he makes it hurt like fire, but he's great with you after it's over and you stop crying. So yeah, I'd rather get thrashed than get detention. I really think you learn your lesson better, too.