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Balls, Nuts, or Testicles!

stories for bogden

Posted by Flocker on 2014-10-08 06:40:53

now this is a good post! all these stories on here of guys taking shots to the balls and doing nothing about it. guys don't ever let anyone, girls, or guys hit you in your balls. it is a cheap shot first of all. second it is just a plain rotten thing to do to any guy unless self defense. like i said in another post if any girl does this pound her boobs, and give her a punch in her gut. she will go down crying like the coward she is. remember guys these " Ballbusters can dish out the pain, but can not take any at all " fight back. be a warrior. be like Conan. " Life, Death, was all the same to him " ha ha.

Posted by Flocker on 2014-10-08 06:49:31

Great Post buddy! I was getting $%!@ed off listening to all these wimps taking shots to their balls from some man haters, and letting them get away with that $%!@. anyone gets me down there, i will get them back 3 fold if they don't kill me. lol. punch them boobs like punching bags if they attack your balls. throw in a good shot to the gut for good measure. they will go down like a turd. and dont give me that never hit a girl bullchit. if a girl hits me in my privates, i'm firing back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no mercy no mercy.

Posted by Flocker on 2014-10-08 06:56:07

wimp. sissy.

Posted by Holingsworth on 2015-05-17 05:03:24

Agreed.....bust their pretty noses...smash EM with a jab square in their nose...will temporarily blind them, will cause severe pain, and bleed profusely.....if this $%!@es anyone off...up yours...all this stuff about girls/women hurting males for amusement makes me sick.. It's as if we have no feelings, are third class citizens, not worthy of any respect. Attacking our bodies at their whim, and finding it funny...how sick and twisted it that?...it's as if they don't even consider us to be humans, as if we are nothing but punching bags fir them to be amused, and to be humiliated. God made us this way, there is nothing funny about severely hurting another human being...if I could, I would turn every female that likes this into a male for one day, then I would kick them as hard as I could. At that point, once they experience the agonizing, debilitating, possibly permanently damaging pain, they would no longer find it funny.. I haven't even mention how this can mentally, and emotionally ruin a male for years, if not for life....so, I reiterate...if a girl kicks you, and you didn't ask her to do it (not give consent)you will drop to the ground ( THATS so damned funny, hey girls? Takes the ability to stand away temporarily, spreads into the abdomen, causes heart erythmia, increased irregular heart beat, can cause unconsciousness, vomiting, shallow breathing, searing pain throughout your entire body...really funny heh girls? Real fun to destroy another human being...I'm sure you would find it funny if you damaged a guy so badly, he was hospitalized, and had to have his testicles surgically removed...hillarious..right girls...wouldn't you ge so proud to destroy a erson's sex life, and cause him mental, and emotional distress for life, making him feel inadequate, no woman woukd have him at that point. By the way, if TE did need to have them removed, the removal of male hormones, causes premature aging, meekness, early onset osteoporosis (hollow, brittle bones) weak muscle tone, depression and possible duicide.....so kick away girls, there's lots of males to destroy, and ruin for life......cold $%!@, cruel uncaring bitches......so, I say, guys, when you drop to your knees, punch them as hard as you can in their nose...try to disfigure their nose (break it) cause plastic surgery to be needed...laugh as hard as you can while they are grabbing their bloody noses with both hands..then, they might learn to respect other people.. Give them a lesson in pain, they did it to you...if you can't reach their nose, punch them in the breast as hard as possible, maybe at some point twist real hard, while protecting your balls...anyone $%!@ed off yet?...too bad...I'm $%!@ed off at all these bubble headed girls purposely secretly hurting undeserving men/boys just to see their reaction ( as if they didn't know what their reaction would be) then, laughing, taipan ting, and teasing.......grow up, get respect, treat males as human, most will trat you back with the same respect.

Posted by Holingsworth on 2015-05-17 05:08:26

Bull....no mother would do that, and if she did, she is psychotic, and sociopathic...I woukd turn her into cps...you are human, you deserve respect too...you do not deserve to be treated as a piece of meat for their amusement...and WTF us that statement about, " that's what makes were made for"? So God made us so we coukd put through extreme, possibly permanently damaging agony, solely for female's amusement...that's sick...I suspect thus story is pure crap, I hope it us...if it isn't, it's damn disturbing.