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Balls, Nuts, or Testicles!

stories for bogden

Posted by andrew black on 2011-06-30 14:27:43

one time i was looking at my girlfreinds stuff so she called her frien and she held me back while my girlfriend with highhells kicked me like a million times in the balls.

Posted by musbesteel on 2011-07-06 00:48:18

I have been hit in the sack before and I didn't fall, moan, or cry in pain. There is a shock value to kicking the groin. However being kicked anywhere unexpectedly will surprise anyone. Since I didn't drop, I know for a fact, that not all men shut down after getting hit there. Im glad Im a guy. If I get hit in the crotch and don't fall, then I can keep going. If a woman hits a guy in the balls and he doesn't drop... she's screwed.

Posted by bigshot123 on 2012-01-21 21:07:10

I used to always beat up my sister who was a year younger than me. When I was about 13, I started slapping her around as always in the hallway outside our bedrooms, when she suddenly kicked me full force in the balls. I doubled over and managed to take 2 steps into my bedroom and slammed the door. But we had no locks on the door and she came after me in a fury! I was holding the door closed with all my might and she nearly pushed her way in. I couldn't believe how strong she was! If she had, she would have beaten me senseless. How would I explain black eyes and bruises? Although it seemed like hours, it was only a few minutes, but finally she gave up and went down stairs. I lay in a fetal position for an hour, holding my sore, throbbing balls. A few weeks later, I started messing with her again downstairs out of habit. She just gave me an annoyed look - almost bored, and said "if you keep it up, I'll kick you where it really hurts." I backed off and walked away with my tail between my legs, humiliated. From that moment on, she knew that I knew that she knew who the dominant, alpha sibling was. I was always afraid of her after that, and she knew it. Her big brother was really a weak sissy compared to her.

Posted by Zex_Zero on 2012-03-05 09:44:26

One of my aunts punishments for me and me cousinn was to spank our balls, they were never busted nearly as bad as what I've just been reading and I thank God!!

Those spankings were bad enough!


Posted by tina65 on 2012-03-12 14:48:14

I kicked my little brother (he was 7) firmly and he curled up and started coughing???? Then I kicked this boy that was about 12 and he did the same thing but he also cried. I got older and wanted to see what would happen to a guy that was past puberty and had big testicles so I found this goofy kid and just kicked out real fast and he yelled and hit the ground so fast, it worked better. He convulsed and wiggled on the ground and held his balls, he threw up, yuk. I found out that bigger balls mean more pain. So anyway this older guy (that got me to do things) started getting on my nerves (I was 15) so I asked him to stand up and turn around and spread his legs and I had something fun to do to him. He turned around and I could see his balls hanging down and I surprise kicked him hard with my instep. He yelled and hit the floor and was mad at me. I said well get up, he could not get up for a long time. He went to the doctor and they said his balls were twisted in the cords?????? Whatever that means, but he did not call me again for fun, ha ha. Guys are stronger than girls and can wipe us out easy but if we trick them by being friendly and get in close and start the fight we can finish it with one knee, they can't move then they can't fight, we win. Its dirty fighting but it works. I saw two boys fighting and one barely kicked the other one and he shot to the ground holding his balls, the other boy got on him and punched him in the face and the boy never let go of his balls. It was a fast fight, I thought only girls kicked balls up till then. But boys really do damage when they kick each other with those strong legs.