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Balls, Nuts, or Testicles!

stories for bogden

Posted by draco the god on 2011-03-19 23:48:44

That wat I do, If a girl/ my wife does that to me I made up a finisher move where I yank down there b00bs and punch her in her v1gina

Posted by shizshiz on 2011-04-03 03:03:28

I was kicked hard in the testicles by a girl when I was a teenager. She too, apparently was "experimenting". I had barely any interaction with her.

The pain started as a shock, and soon filled my entire lower body. I have never cried in pain before or since, but I did then...at least until the vomiting and dry heaving kicked in.

But...that pain did'nt kick in to full degree immediately...there was a few seconds before it did and in pain and rage, and in that time I grabbed her and smashed her face against the tarmac, breaking her nose and fracturing her eye socket.

Good fun huh??


To all you girls thinking of doing this, I realised that only knuckle dragging halfwits are on this site, so I won't appeal to humanity, empathy or compassion by explaining the nature of testicular pain (had a great laugh at a man dying of testicular cancer lately...what a riot!!!). No, I'll tell you only this. When a man hits the floor, unlike in the movies, it isn't the end of the fight. Rather, it is the start of a war. If you seriously hurt someone like this, then it is possible that they won't do anything, but in many cases, when they have recovered, they will come after you, hurt you, maim you, and maybe even kill you.

If you really want to empathise, here is an experiment you can try. Severe your femoral artery, grab it with a pair of pliers, and try to pull it out of your groin with savage yanks. Or, here's a good one, get someone to slowly snap your femur and bend your thight into a knot. Still not getting the picture? OK, try this. Have someone bash you in the windpipe with a crowbar. Funny!!! Hah haa f...king ha. Or this, get a surgeon to push a probe up your vagina, grab your ovaries with a hook, and rip them out. Failing that you could always simply have a dentist drill down into your molars, through the pulp, into the root nerve without anesthetic. Hilarious! Give it a go.

Posted by rochie15 on 2011-04-13 20:29:43

All day today a one of my mates was anoying me and then at lunch he took my loker keys and didnt give them back till after school. so when we were walking out of school i made sure i was walking just ahead of my and i flung my hand back really fast and hit him reli hard square in the balls it was so funny altought he did treatin to get me in the balls 2morro so i prob sould watch out lol

Posted by Bob Starbuck on 2011-06-27 18:43:24

Any female who kick a guy in the balls should have charges filed against her and be put in jail. Then her and or parents be sued for damages, pentitive damages, along with any medical bills. How about if a guy get the female down who kicked the guy in the balls and stomp on her breat. Would that be ok for fun?

Posted by andrew black on 2011-06-28 16:41:35
One time me and my girlfriend were fighting and she said lets stop fightong and make out and i said ok so we kissed and she kneed my nuts pretty soft i was still standing and she was pretty supprised so after a minute she kicked my nuts as hard as she can i couldent breate for a whole minute!(by the way she was wearing high heels).