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Balls, Nuts, or Testicles!

stories for bogden

Posted by jodds on 2010-09-17 02:26:46

ya one day in 5th grade my sister would have been in 8th well she was already mad at me cause her and her friend were playing on the roof and i pushed her off and she hurt her ankle even though its not that high. so when she came back in the house with her friend i was drinking her gatorade and she kicked me straight in the balls i fell to the ground crying. they laughed...

Posted by Vcvc777 on 2010-10-29 02:51:46

I bet all of these stories were made up by girls, first of all because no guy would be in pain for more then five minutes from getting hit in the balls, I would know because I'm a guy. Also, any time a girl has hit me in the balls "just for fun" I ignore the pain, which is always easy to do when your angry, and beat the girl to a pulp. A few months ago there was a 10 th grade girl who thought she was cool by kicking me in the balls, I ignored the first time because it didn't hurt too bad, but she did it again after school really hard, of course it hurt extremelly bad but I ignored the pain and broke her nose, gave her two black eyes and knocked out 3 of her teeth. This is a warning to girls, kicking a guy in the balls may be fun, but the guy will always get his revenge.

Posted by blackcoffee71 on 2011-01-23 23:05:24

What are you and other here talking about? I've been hit in balls plenty of times, it hurts but not enough to disable me. If some girl would hit me in balls, I'd throw her to the wall and maybe punch the stomach and bring her down faster than she can say 911. We are way stronger than them, ball kicks can not stop real men. Condition yourself to take it.

Posted by hanap on 2011-02-10 08:24:17

my wife grabbed my balls and squeesed them so hard that i yanked for about 30 seconds after a contest.i felt on ground.the pain was very mach.i rolled over in pain and crying and she giggling and saied "i'm stronger and i'm house boss".i ignored the pain and stand up but i couldn't walk good.i went to her .she wants to kick me in the balls but i defend from my balls and grab her shoulder and kneed her right in her $%!@.she unbelived the pain her eyes were opened ,she screemed and felt on grond

Posted by draco the god on 2011-03-19 23:38:24

Ok well yesterday I made my gf mad at me so she squeezed my balls super hard and I couldn't breathe and I was choking and I need my testes to breathe and she wouldnt stop and i was knocked out for 27 hours and I just wana say for all you girls who think thats funny imagne being choked without no way to escape. Not funny do not do this.