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Balls, Nuts, or Testicles!

stories for bogden

Posted by justice inunified on 2010-01-14 05:50:09

////////////////In the 7th grade my girlfriend asked me what it felt like to get hit in the nuts, so I told her and she didn't believe me. So after school we were walking to subway for well obviously (sandwiches) and she knees me as hard as possible in the crotch without any warning, and i fall strait on the ground and start rolling around in pain. She then begins to laugh and make rude remarks about females being a higher race and being stronger. Ever since, she has some kind of fetish bent on touching my testicles, a little to often. I then become unconscious and when i wake up i find my self staring at here in mount position on me as i lay on a bench near by with all my friends laughing at me, including my girlfriend. And yes we're still together.

Posted by justice inunified on 2010-03-01 07:24:41

Well in the 7th grade me and my girlfriend were in the back of the school and we were making out and she then begins to get a little out of hand and she grabs my crotch and rubs and rubs and rubs, i begin to get very tense and loose a little control over my body and i then push her away, for her to only come straight back at me and pin me to the wall, as you know i was only 12 so I had as much strength as her if not a little more, but she had me in a really good lock because she took karate, and she then begins rubbing again and again when i finally reach my climax and bust my load. This was the first time i ever had an orgasm so I completely lost control of my body with a large sigh but she kept me from falling to the ground (fortunately) but only for her to punch me in the nuts because it turns out shes a femnazi.

Posted by Sad For mess on 2010-03-06 18:07:54

My Girlfriend loves to see boys in pain so she always kick her male friend in the balls for fun. one day i went to her house and then she ask me if she can kick me in the ball she was like please....and i said fine then she took off all my cloth so i am naked,she tied my hand and leg spread she said to incase if i will hurt her in accident So then she kick my ball lightly so is only like a touch then she kiick harder and harder! I told her to stop but then she rather tape my mouth so i cant speak and then keep going.Then she went out of her room and when she come back she have a baseball bat on her hand and then she was hitting my testicle so hard whens she remove the tape from my mouth she keep kicking and i beg for mercy but she is like deaf. Then when i am in the weakest time she make me promise her to be her slave and torture me for the weekend and she said she will ask her female friend to help out She also said she will get another female BF to come and torture us and make us have gay sex

I dont want to go but if i dont i think i might regrad it since she said i will regret it if i dont come in the weekend Dont know if i should

Posted by dog face on 2010-03-31 12:52:18

when i was 15 my parents used to go out. i would have to keep an eye on my 11 year old brother. one day my parents went out so i had nto look after my brother. i was in the living room when my brother ran in and said he had to pee and the bathroom door wouldnt open. well it was time for revenge because last saturday i caught him reading my persenal diary. so i said come over here to my little brother and he came. He kept shouting to me to open the bathroom door for me. so i went up stairs and he followed me then i opened the bathroom door and he ran in he stood in front of the toilet and opened his belt then i dragged him out and closed the door hard. he started screaming and said open the door i have to pee but i said no. i then grabbed his hands and put them behind his back and draged him down the stairs and tied him to the table in the living room and told him to sit on the floor. then i went and sat on the sofa and watched tv. 30 miniutes later i asked my brother if he had to pee and he said yeah. so i went to the kitchen and got a jug of water and a glass and took it to my brother. i started pouring the water in the glass and toled him to drink it. he started drinking it and finished it. then i undid the rope and took him upstairs to the toilet and opened the door. then i ran downstairs. my brother was in the bathroom trying to open his zipper but it was stuck so he ran out and slamed the door and came down stairs and said that his zipper was stuck and he said he was gona pee his pants. 1 hour later after yanking his zipper he got it open and told me to open the bathroom door but i tryed it was damn shut then my brother started crying and ran downstairs. i said to him that if you dont tell mum and dad about today i will lwt you pee in the bottle he promised not to tell so i went to the kitchen and got a bottle and gave it to him imediantly pee started gushing out in to the bottle he filled 2 bottles that were3 liters each. wow. any way a hour4 later my parents came home and my brother told and started running so then i chased him finally he stopped and said im sorry im sorry . but still i came up to him and pushed him against the wall and kicked him 17 times in his balls he was begging me to stop but i didnt then i went home and left him there then i got grounded for 4 months and wasnt ever allowed to take care of my brother again.

Posted by Smangel on 2010-07-05 10:32:46

sounds fun :P did u go?