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Balls, Nuts, or Testicles!

stories for bogden

Posted by coverednuts on 2008-03-20 06:25:51

A drunk gal at a party kept bugging me for a ride home. She said she'd do some oral on me and other things. This nasty skank wouldn't leave me alone. She got ticked off and tried to kick me in the nuts and fell and smashed her face on the counter and bust her nose wide open. Thank God people saw this because I know she would've said I did it to the cops.

If I am assaulted by anyone I will defend myself. Male or female. If you gals think this is funny, you better keep kicking because if you didn't do it quite right I will mess up that pretty face of yours.

Oh guys, punch them right in the breasts. Not the same but it will ache for a week, I learned that in a flag football accident.

If your girlfriend hits you in the groin and you let her get away with it. you are an idiot

Posted by steve1944 on 2008-06-18 00:48:40

Well iv been kicked quite a few times (having a sister and all) so here are some of the stories.

The first time my sister ever kicked me in the balls she was 13 and i was 15. She was on the computer and i wanted on so i picked her off the chair and threw her onto my bed. I sat on the chair and started exiting her programs she pinched my shoulders from behind. i tackeld her onto the bed and wrestled her for a bit i stood up to get off her and go back onto the computer and then her leg came up and kicked me right in the balls. i fell down on the bed to my knees in pain she started laughing and had learned where to hit me.

The dumbest one on my behalf was this one i was in my boxers and i pushed my sis down and farted in her face. I thought it would be funny at the time but i didnt think that my balls were dangling right in front of her face:( She yanked on them for a good 5 seconds.

My sister had her friend over in our appartment and we all went swimming. I was around 14 at the time the friend was also 15. I went into the bathroom to change which was linked to the bedroom. My sister knocked on the door so she could change so i just used the door to the bedroom, her friend was standing there with her swimming top off and was taking her bottems off when she saw me. This was the first time i had seen a girl naked so i stared. She yelled AH GET OUT! she covered up but i wouldnt leave. Then she said your gonna be sorry she walked over to me grabbed my shoulders (i stared at her chest) and kneed me as hard as she could in the balls and said Perv! as she covered up.

Posted by badraven on 2009-01-11 08:30:53

My step sister got angry with me once and kicked me in the balls. While she didn't laugh at me, she did give me a verbal scolding for whatever it is I did. All I know is it hurt so bad I thought I was going to die. She made the mistake of stepping into my reach as she felt safe considering my condition. She stepped too close and I punched her in the groin as hard as I could. She fell to the floor and cried the whole time we laid there. I saw a comment here from a girl stating that all young girls should kick boys in the balls for the experience. IF you knew how incredibly painful it is to get kicked there you would not say that. But since you did, I am of the opinion that girls around 18 to 20 should be kicked in the groin to show them first hand what it feels like to be kicked there. That way that will have some respect for the amount of pain it causes and reserve themselves to doing such only when absolutely necessary.

I am quite careful of anyone that may want to cause me groin pain. I have hurt several people over the years for hurting me there. Its not a good thing. Think of what may happen in return before you do such.

Posted by Ronnyi on 2009-01-15 02:12:38

I remember in college, it was two days before Valentines day. There was this really cute girl I had a crush on. I asked her if I could make her a Valentines potrait. She agreed to it. I shoudn't have wrote on the portrait that she was extremely hot. Why, because from what I remember at that moment, she walked up to me and grabbed my shoulders. An hour later I woke up in the emergency room, not knowing why my groin was hurting. Then, according to the nurses and the doctors, I had taken a really hard knee to the groin from her.

Posted by LeoChop on 2009-05-17 16:05:42

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