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Girls strong legs and leg wrestling

strong wife

Posted by glenn on 2002-04-22 15:33:49

My wife can easily beat me in strenght. She is 1m74 and weights 81kg. My weight is 74kg and am 1m78 but she is stronger, she has beautiful hard, strong and impressive big calves and great muscular tighs. Althoug her natural strong and big muscles (she doesn't sport at all) are hidden behind a nice cushion of fat. She has broad shoulders (a lot broader than mine !!)and lovely great arms as well. I'm married for 17 years now with her and I can't get enough of her devine feminine strong body !!! She can lift me in the air as if I was nothing with her strong legs and keep me there for a while. She can let me fully lie on her back and then do some push-ups with her calves !! It's like there is nothing on her back ! She can carry me in her arms. My wife is realy very strong but it took me some time to make her realise that she is so strong and that I realy adore that!! Now she knows and lets me enjoy her strenght.For me she is my Godess. She beats me in swimming: she is so much faster and when I am exhausted, she keeps on and on and doesn't seem to get tired. How would she be if she would do some work out and training... We both are 46 year old but I still am breathless when she overwhelmes me with her strenght and love. I used to weigh only 62kg and secretly I would like to have that weight again so when standing up to her I would feel even more overpowered ... When she wears her 8cm heels (not to speak about her 10cm heels...) I look so tiny opposed to her and that really turns me on !!! But I guess she then, naturaly, dreams secretly of a big, very muscular,strong broadshoulderd man she can look up to...? She never said anything about that in all these years,but sometimes, secretly, I can catch her eyes wathing a tall muscular male at the swimming pool or in the shopping mall. Well, I suppose this is only natural...

So,yeah, girls really can be stronger than guys and it's heaven, believe me !!

Posted by jason on 2002-05-01 00:40:21

Yes, it's possible for girls to be stronger, but the posts below this are lies probably. When will females stop downing men?