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Girls strong legs and leg wrestling

Just got it from a girl

Posted by xtremweak on 2003-07-26 22:53:38

So I've just been beaten by a girl at both armwrestling and legwrestling. She is a tall girl - about 1.80 m, but not taller than me (1.83 m). She is only a few inches shorter than me, but i have quite a lot fewer kilos. I weigh 62 kgs and i'd guess she weighed about 75. She isn't fat, just hefty and a lot of muscle from her summer job. She said she is good at armwrestling and i said ok. The first 3 times it was a real struggle but i won. The thing is i was exhausted and she had just begun. After that she handled my hand like jello, she beat me about 7 times one after another. Then she came up with the idea to legwrestle. I had never legwrestled before and she just humiliated me. I couldn't budge her legs, which were like treetrunks next to mine. She beat me three times and i gave up. Girls' legs are stronger than boys' :)

Posted by sexy nikki on 2005-06-08 03:39:55

It started when I was 10. My brother in law was 30. He is 6'1" 210lbs muscle.He was also rated 3rd in the world in a martial art in 1994. He would show me exercises,kicks, punches etc. At 13 years old, I weighed 106lb, 5'7".Thin but very strong. my body grew and I looked good. 32c breasts 24 waist, 34 hips. I took mmy older sisters clothes and high heels and I was dressed for a school dance. He was driving me there so when he came to pick me up. he told me to go get changed, he didn't like me looking like that. I thougt I looked good, My sisters 4 1/2" black stilletos, sheer black nylons, Short black pleated skirt and black spandex tank top. I argued with him cause i liked what I wore. He told me I looked like a $%!@. I don't know why, but I atacked him. With the heels we were almost the same height, but I surprised him with a kick in the face. I used every thing he taught me and I was scared. I landed 6 hard kicks and 4 punches to his face. So he tackled me. I kneed him in the balls twice before we fell. I managed to get my legs aroung his neck and squeesed as hard as iI could. He was trying to get my legs off, but I didn't let go cause he would kill me. When he was weak I let go. I ran to my room but he didn't chase me. I felt afraid but also excited. I went back down and told him to take me to the dance. He didn't say a word and I didn't get changed. We were alone and we didn't speak about it for 6 months. He was shocked at first but then he confessed to me that He felt humiliated. A year later I developed more and we were on our way to a wedding reception so I liked to dress sexy. We were alone and I was attracted to him so i wanted to flirt a little cause i felt powerful over him. So I told him if he thought I looked sexy and he didn't respond but he had a boner. I rubbed my $%!@ against it when I passed him and I bumped it hard. I talked down to him and we fought again and He got his $%!@ kicked again. Now I boss him around when we are alone because I promised never to tell what I did to him. His reputation would be $%!@. We share a secret and I feel so powerful. I see his fear when we are alone and I like it. In front of my sister he still acts the tough guy but I make him feel small. When I tell him in private a little teen girl at 13 beat this big champion hulking man he sulks, and I looked sexy doing it. I love it. I've beaten up 9 other guys since then and I love it.

Posted by gatto_matto on 2005-06-21 20:53:03

Nice story Xtreme!! I had a similar experience just one time, a lot of years ago... unfortunately i never had other similar!! I'm from Italy, and it look like that here in Italy there are not girls with soo strong legs, or anyway there are not girls proud of their legs strength... my dream is to find a girl like this... is there anybody out there?? :)))