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Girls, Do you prefer Cut or uncut

Tough question

Posted by cherwin on 2010-05-16 17:40:52

The last question asks if all or most of my male friends and relatives are circumcised. I'm not sure how I would find out. I certainly wouldn't ask them. I just said most.

Posted by nosyme on 2010-05-16 18:41:58

Cherwin, That is close enough if that is what you think the answer is. There is no infinite answer cause none of us can know about every single guy. My answer is all because all of the guys that I have seen naked are circumcised and my girlfriends tell me about the guys they have seen that I know so my answer is pretty accurate.

From what I can see so far of the results, most girls prefer circumcised guys and are most familiar with that kind. I suspected that would be the answer in the US but figured the rate for uncircumcised would be higher since there are so many girls from other countries voting on these polls. I wonder if they prefer circumcised over what they are used to seeing in England and some other countries that have lower rates of circumcised guys or if the ones voting from those countries have seen mre cut guys than uncut. I should have asked that question. Maybe another poll I will ask it.

Posted by sarahx17 on 2013-09-28 00:40:31

I've been with both and enjoyed both equally but I do think that circumcised looks nicer.

Curved $%!@es can be nice sometimes for hitting my g-spot but it can be harder to deepthroat too. A straight $%!@ with a nice big head for me please :-)