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UK Girl's Corporal Punishment

Spanking my Daughter

Posted by Susan71 on 2010-07-02 12:36:12


Posted by iamnaughty on 2010-08-17 13:19:34

we went on holiday and i got spanked on the beach. i had gone in the sea and got carried away with the time and my mom was worried so when i got back she grabbed my arm and spanked my bum and the top of my legs while i was just standing there in front of loads of people. i could see some of them looking at me but most just pretended not to notice. i was just wearing my bikini so there wasnt much protection. my legs were red and you could see that i had been spanked so the walk back to the caravan was embarassing. then when we got back to our caravan i went over her knee and had my bikini bottoms taken down while i had a hard slippering. i bet if you were to walk past the caravan you could hear everything. i suppose she was worried but i think it was a bit over the top. rachelanthony@hotmail.co.uk

Posted by ChelseaG on 2010-09-29 09:34:46

My foster mum smacks me by her hand or with a cane. My childminder does as well

Posted by sej1976uk on 2010-09-29 18:56:24

What age are you iamnaughty? where from? wen did this happen? at what holiday place?

Posted by arnold756 on 2011-12-16 14:47:24

I'm sure I could hear everything!! but that's OK. Your mum did the right thing. Spanking you over your bikini was a great idea of hers. You must have been so embarrassed knowing that everyone who saw you walk by knew that you had been spanked and surely deserved it. This isn't possible if you were wearing a dress or skirt because your mum would have to tuck it under your waistline, and that wouldn't be respectable. I can just image your red cheeks and almost nothing to hide them from public gaze! You certainly should have had your bikini bottoms lowered when you got back to the caravan. I'd have made you walk around like that for half an hour or so before administering your slippering!!