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Mens' Short Hair Poll

Taken to the barber

Posted by david on 2002-01-25 10:20:53

Neither my brother nor I were required to wear "that summer style" but would usually end up with it. We grew up in the 70's and had long hair as many boys & men did back then. Our parents were divorced and we used to stay with our dad during school holidays (he owned a hotel & we used to help out. Dad hated our hair & if we ever played up then we'd get taken to the barbers for a short back and sides, which we hated. Times change & so do people - although my brother & I have long since left the armed forces we both still sport crewcuts just like our Dad used to.

Posted by Marlynn on 2005-05-10 18:18:08

No I think it is wrong, men should have longer hair. Most women really like a man with hair. My sons all decided that they wanted to let teir hair grow and my husband has a nice full head of hair about 5-7" long and i which he would let it grow longer.

Posted by jennaxx on 2006-02-23 07:54:37

Guys with long hair are hot!!! My husband and both of my sons have long hair and it's gorgeous!!! My father (who's a strict Jew) hates it, but I think it's just because he couldn't grow beautiful hair if he wanted to!!! All you guys out there who look good in long hair, grow it!!! I'm sick of god awful crewcuts! They were ugly in "leave it to Beaver" and they're even uglier now!!!

Posted by pennysue on 2007-03-28 14:37:11

Guys should have long hair, just keep it nice and styled, Little boys always look great with long hair and curls.