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Electric Chair Execution

electric chair execution

Posted by mister tom on 2010-05-02 21:28:09

I think there are more humane methods to execute a criminal. I would be totally against execution if our justice system could actually protect society from criminals, but a life sentence is rarely a life sentence, and it would probably be cheaper to raise a family of four than to maintain a criminal in prison. I don't really understand why this is so, but I also feel that when we take another human life it diminishes the value of life for us all. If it must be done, the least inhumane method available should be used. Our goal should be to protect other potential victims from being harmed, rather than have vengeance. Perhaps I would feel differently if a member of my family was murdered--but at the moment, this is my belief.

Posted by Skyfox on 2010-05-08 15:11:20

I saw a video from some other country where some idiot was walking around on top of an electric train (public transit). The very high voltage wires were only a few inches above his head. At one point he accidentally touches the wire with his head or a raised hand, I forget which, and there was an instantaneous bright flash that sparked down through his body. Immediately he fell over dead, stiff as a board. I believe he never felt a thing because he was instantly dead. If this sort of voltage was used to execute death row prisoners, their death would be so quick it couldn't possibly be considered inhumane or cruel. Sure, the body is singed black and sometimes slightly on fire, but there is no consciousness remaining to feel it.

Posted by I love kids' feet on 2010-07-05 03:43:18

Actually, he did it on purpose. The crowd pleaded with him to come down, but to no avail.

Posted by big_guy on 2010-08-22 12:58:25

No electric chair for me, I am giing to shot to death by the cops with 20 bullets in my chest