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Magician's assistant

Should have real danger

Posted by unsanesarah on 2016-08-05 00:08:44

My preference would be for a fully nude young assistant to participate in acts that have a genuine risk to them. The act could involve something like a clear box with swords pushed through it but the selection of swords contains both collapsing prop swords and a few real ones, all mixed up. There is your suspense because even the magician doesn't know what sword he's pulling. You just see the assistant standing nude in the box and they either collapse or sometimes they don't in which case she is run through all the way. I'd expect her to play her part regardless so even if she is run through with one or more she stays standing and smiling at the audience until she dies. The chances of real swords could be maybe 1 in 5 so honestly most assistants would be hired know they'd only make it through a few shows. Now that's a show. :)

Posted by Christy Marie on 2016-08-06 20:12:36

I agree. I would watch this as well. :)

Posted by unsanesarah on 2016-08-07 03:01:02

How amazing of a performance would it be if a young nude assistant was in fact run through with swords and died on stage smiling! If I went to that show knowing that was the finale I'd be disappointed if she didn't die, but that would be good for ticket sales because I know everyone would keep coming back until they got to see the assistant die. She'd have to be hired understanding she was going to die within a few shows and be okay with it, and be willing to die nude with a smile for the audience. I think there would be young girls who would still audition and want to do it.

Posted by Christy Marie on 2016-08-08 00:29:24

I think it could be possible that if a young girl were to shoplift, jaywalk, or commit another crime, that her penalty could be to take part in this kind of performance. This could raise a great deal of money for the judicial system and be a good motivation to stop crime. I also think that maybe if a woman commits such a crime that her daughter could pay the penalty. It would be a good idea so that a younger girl could see what the penalty would be if they commit the same kind of crime. This would also keep population control in check. There are over 7 billion people on earth. I think it would be good to keep that number stationary or even lower it.

I would pay to see such a show so certainly others would support this.

Posted by unsanesarah on 2016-08-08 00:34:19

I think it would be more fun for the audience though to know she was an innocent young girl who just chose to get the job. That way everyone knows that she's okay with it and cares more about everyone having a good time at the show than her own life. I know I'd keep going back to see a happy willing girl do it until she dies smiling for us.