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School or College Plays - revealing performances

Whats wrong

Posted by bud2.0 on 2010-04-06 00:45:06

i dont see whats wrong about it it is the way the play has always been acted to why not fulfill the plays true nature

Posted by mysonsdad on 2010-04-09 19:28:53

I agree with you. But I am in a quandry. It is easy to agree when we are talking about other people being nude onstage, but in my case it might be my son. Our local community theater has invited my 10 year old son to be part of their summer production of Mowgli. It's an adaptation of The Jungle Book. My son would play the young Mowgli being raised by animals in the jungle before he meets people for the first time. This means his entire stage presence would be nude.

My son is really bugging and begging me to let him do the part. My wife and I have raised our boys to be comfortable with their bodies and nudity in our home is acceptable and commonplace. So my son does not understand my hesitation in allowing him to take this part.

In reality, I am not sure why I hesitate except for now it is not a matter of someone else being nude in public but it is my son who wants to be nude on stage. But hesitant I am.

Am I wrong in hesitating? Am I being overly protective?

Posted by Jacob13 on 2010-04-09 20:30:40

wow it sounds like an awesome opportunity, wish it was me. We would never get the chance at our school. Im in the 7th grade and I would love to do it

Posted by mysonsdad on 2010-04-09 22:43:07


thats how my son feels also. He really wants to do the part. But this isn't at school. Schools here won't ever allow nudity in school plays. This is our community theater. It's a local theater group that performs during the summer. My son has done parts with them before just not nude ones.

Posted by spartanboy on 2010-04-10 03:20:53

Well I think if your community theater is planning to do the play with a nude dude, they must know that your community would accept that. So if your sone wants to do it I say let him go for it. I think it would be cool to have that opportunity, but I know that would never fly at my school and I doubt if our community theater would ever try it.