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Short trousers for all schoolboys

Shorts at home

Posted by Cornelius19 on 2011-05-16 20:49:28

Dear Robbie,

Short trousers are far more comfortable than longs whether it is winter or summer. I tried on a pair of longs in the school outfitters two years ago and hated having material around my knees. I couldn't wait to put my grey school shorts back on. My parents were surprised at first when I told them at 17 that I would like to stay wearing shorts but now they are happy with the decision and say I can wear short trousers for as long as I want.

I agree boys should not be forced to stay in short trousers but I know there are a few boys here in sixth form who remain in shorts because their parents will not allow them long trousers. Actually they look good in short trousers and I can understand why their parents want them to continue to wear them. I think short grey trousers look far nicer as part of a schoolboy uniform than longs but I know most older boys would disagree.

Other boys attend my church in short trousers and uniform but I am the oldest. The next oldest is a boy of 17 and there are a few of 15 and 16. I am respectful of God and the Church and feel honoured and pleased to wear my smart school uniform every Sunday.

When you managed to get reduced fares on public transport at 24 were you wearing short trousers and school uniform? How were you treated? Did your parents know you still wore short trousers at this age? Did you still live at home? You were very fortunate to be able to look so young and I hope I can still wear shorts at 24.



Posted by gorangle on 2011-09-14 13:10:30

My mum insisted that I wore shorts at home. They were pretty short, so I always had a lot of thigh on show. Something to do with keeping me in my place. I didn't like it but it was supposed to be good for me, I don't know how.

The subject was never up for discussion. She said I was to wear shorts, and that was that.

Posted by Robbie Essex on 2011-09-17 16:41:34

Dear Cornelius

I am sorry I did not reply to your message. For several weeks everytime I tried to log onto Mr Poll I had computer trouble. The rest of the time my computer was working fine. So I just stopped using Mr.Poll.

Your question about how I use to get reduced fares on public transport up to 24. I had no special tricks. I was just both small and young looking. So there is no reactions from other people. I have never dressed as an adult schoolboy. The only time I use to wear casual shorts was on holiday. As I was small most my clothes were the largest size in boyswear rather than menswear. The colours and designs of these clothes were often a bit brighter or juvenile looking. When I use to ask for a ticket I would give enough money for an adult fare and accept the change given.

The only time I had real embarrasment being charge reduced rate. I was wearing light grey trousers, sky blue jumper, white shirt and a tie. Nothing was planned by me. I went to the theatre with my Mum and Dad and they were charged childs rate for me. What made it worst was my Dad pointed the mistake but the lady in ticket office jut said I was far too young and cute looking to have an adult ticket. She made a load of over nice remarks about how well dressed I for a young person. I was 24 and she convinced herself I was under 14. I felt that small that night. My Mum was so pleased about me looking that young that she told relations and friends about that night for weeks. Causing me even more embarrassment. After that night with regret I started dressing more adult and less juvenile.

Are you still at school or are you a college now?. Do you still wear short trousers?.

Best regards


Posted by Robbie Essex on 2011-09-17 19:58:29

Dear Gorangle

Thank you for posting a message on my poll. i cannot comment due to lack of facts.Are you able to give more information as it is very unclear how harsh or reasonable your Mum was. For example I am 51. During my childhood there would be no discussion about boys clothes as they were none of his concern. Mothers always decided what their sons should wear. Many mothers considered shorts more suitable than long trousers.

I hope you are happy to answer these are my questions.

How old are you.?

Up to what are did your mum make you wear shorts at home.?

Did she allow you to wear longs at school.?

Once you started wearing long trousers were you ever put back into shorts,

Were you in well behaved boy or were you a lot of trouble to your Mum.?

Best regards


Posted by phillipmb on 2011-10-30 23:59:03

A few weeks before my 13th birthday my mother took me to buy a grey suit for a family gathering.. Inside the outfitters was a manikin of a boy wearing a short trouser suit and, on impulse, made me try one on even though I'd not worn shorts for almost 3 years. She decided that I looked really smart in the suit and decided to purchase it.

After I put my school uniform with long trousers back on she took one look at me and said I'd look much better wearing grey school shorts with my uniform which she bought as well and made me wear them home.

I had a turgid time at school as I was the only second year boy wearing shorts and only a few of the first year boys still wore them. I wasn’t allowed to change into jeans after school as I usually did as my mother said she preferred me wearing shorts and I still needed to get used to them.

However after school on the Friday she told me that she'd bought me a pair of navy corduroy shorts and socks to wear at the weekends and I could please myself what I wore after school. I had a real shock when I put the shorts on as they were very short and the socks were ¾ length.

I wasn't allowed long trousers again until my 15th birthday.