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Short trousers for all schoolboys

Schoolboys and short trousers

Posted by Preston_99 on 2010-04-09 10:38:03

I agree wholeheartedly with the title of this poll - ALL schoolboys should have to wear short trousers as part of a compulsory uniform including knee socks, blazer, and cap up to when they leave school even if they are 18 or more. Schoolboys look far nicer in shorts than longs and short trousers are better as part of schoolboy uniform.

Will this ever happen in the UK? I don't think so unless schools here start imposing shorts for older boys. It still happens in places like New Zealand and South Africa where you see boys of 18 in short trousers and school blazers and caps (and they look very smart). Further as one other writer said, keeping a boy in short trousers is a great way to remind him that he is still a child and not a man. I should know as I attended Borstal in my long distant youth and had to wear short trousers throughout my time there. It got rid of my arrogance and lack of respect for authority and did me no end of good.

Posted by Robbie Essex on 2010-04-09 23:56:49

Dear Preston 99, Thank you for your wholehearted support of my poll but personally I do not consider imposing shorts on 18 year old schoolboys is practical. There are so many little boys out of control. Many as young as six or seven already yobs in both their dress and manners. I think these young children need to be both treated and dressed juvenile first. The parents may even need training. In an ideal world it would be short trousers, blazers and caps for all boys up to about 14. Just imagine how humbling it would be for 13 year old to be wearing the same uniform as his four year old cousin. His ten year old brother would find that humbling enough. There would be no humiliation as their mates would be dressed the same. Like you I think short trousers, blazers and caps would remind teenage boys they are children not men. Sorry about your nasty punishment in your youth. Hopefully one day most punishment will be a thing of the past. Do you think being treated more juvenile in your teens would have saved you from getting into trouble in the first place.?

Posted by Preston_99 on 2010-04-10 15:34:17


I would have to say yes to your question. If I had been kept in short trousers until at least my mid teens I would not have ended up being sent to Borstal. A boy in school uniform and short trousers does not get big ideas and knows he is still a child.

It would be marvellous if all boys wore shorts at all times up to the age of 14 but I would like to see older boys remain in shorts as well. This could at least apply for boys over 14 who got into trouble and ended up in court where they could be sent to special institutions like Borstal in the 1960's where they would have to wear short trousers at all times.


Posted by espoir66 on 2010-04-13 15:29:24

I agree with those who advocate short trouseers for boys up to 14 years old It seems to be realistic. I wore them till 16 and was reluctant to switch to longs at this age. I would prefer to have boys dressed in very snug and smart shorts up to the end of their secondary schools at 18-19 years old. But, I know that it's unrealistic to expect it. I agree with Preston: " a boy in school uniform and short trousers does not get big ideas" but I don't believe that wearing short pants makes young lads more obedient, more respectful, but in a sense more vulnerable, more submissive, more aware of their status.

Posted by Robbie Essex on 2010-04-13 19:27:58

Dear Espoir

Thank for your interest but please try not to led this poll towards humiliation of boys and making them feel vulnerable and more submissive. Short shorts for 18 year old men is a total humiliation.I dislike corporal punishment but accept it has to be used sometimes as a final resort if everything has failed. There are already many other polls already talking about this type of treatment.

If a bad behaved teenager has be put back into short trousers it is the solution not the punishment. I think being dressed juvenile again would quieten down any teenager without any punishment or humiliation. . Here are a few suggestions of suitable topics to make this poll different. A boy should be treated and dressed juvenile from a small boy. True or false. What age are boys mature enough be allowed to wear long trousers. Do boys mature at different ages. What length of shorts. Should the length be different for different ages. What advantages and disadvantages of shorts for boys. What advantages and disadvantages for parents of sons dressed in shorts. Should long trousers be allowed on frosty or snowy days. Is my view on juvenile treatment totally incorrect. Endless other topics for this poll.( YOUR IDEAS).

You are very welcome to help.