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Evangelical Christian Men and Homosexuality (ONLY FOR Evangelical MEN)

Thanks for your honesty

Posted by seattlejames on 2010-04-20 05:58:40

Hey guys! I appreciate your honest answers. It is clear that so far, most of us think that having sexual thoughts of some nature about men is quite common. Some of us think it is sin, and some of us don't. Interestingly, so far only 12 men have responded, with 9 or 10 having had some homosexual activity, thoughts, or interest, and 6 being in a heterosexual relationship. Also, I think 9 identify as straight.

I'm not looking for sexually explicit material on these messages. But, if you have a story of your experience and how you handle it as a Follower of Christ, please share. And if you need someone to talk to, let us know.

God bless.

Posted by trekker on 2010-08-10 23:13:21

Why handle it, when Christ has already handled it!!!

Posted by seattlejames on 2010-08-15 14:17:06

I totally agree, trekker. I believe that Christ paid the price and that he has set me free from the control of sin. But I know too many Christian men who live victorious lives except that they have an attraction toward men. That doesn't mean that they act on it, but some do, of course.

While I think that the Bible is clear about homosexuality, it is also clear about A LOT of other things that Christians do (lying, stealing, cheating, gossiping, overeating, hoarding, to name a few). So, while your answer is easy, perhaps it's harder for some men than others.

My goal for this poll is to allow for a dialogue between Christian men who struggle/have struggled with this in the past. I have a feeling that it is a lot more common than not (among ALL men, not just Christians), if men would only be honest with themselves.

Thanks for your reminder of Christ's payment!