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Boys Short shorts public school (recently)

wearing short shorts to school today.

Posted by frboy97 on 2010-03-29 13:50:53

i'm 12 and my school don't require boys to wear shorts but my mum does. she makes me to wear really short shorts. right now i'm wearing jean shorts that show little over one inch my cheeks. a few months ago i was still bullied and i was very embarrased. i tried to stay invisible. but now everyone have got used to that i wear short shorts and i actually like wearing them.

Posted by It'sIt on 2010-03-31 20:03:41

It's truly a shame that the current deplorable fashion trend attitudes combined with all the recent (and dangerous) homophobic hysteria to make the wearing of short shorts by boys (or men) a "taboo." For most occasions, short shorts are a most practical, comfortable, apt garment, and youths, especially, look most smart & fitting in them. And most boys, as evinced by your statement, find they actually like going in them (and likely would if it weren't for the problems engendered by the "sigma")...

Anyway, I'm glad you now enjoy wearing short shorts & hope you continue to do so as you wish. Hopefully, you'll inspire other lads to start doing the same...

Posted by prestige on 2010-05-18 17:14:21

I am pleased you now enjoy wearing short shorts. They are neat and practicable for lads particularly in the summer.

Posted by Howie2 on 2010-05-18 17:43:25

Shorts help you get your legs nicely brown and tanned. Then you can show them off with pride.

Posted by skateboy on 2010-08-24 01:12:12

thats cool wearing your short shorts. your mum is right to make you wear your short shorts. i am 13 and i love wearing my short shorts. i have a few pairs of adidas short shorts and they are really great to wear. they keep me cool and i dont care what anyone says. i wear knee socks somtimes as well and some of my friends now wear knee socks and short shorts after they saw me. when summer starts my mum knows i will be wearing my short shorts so wear your shorts and dont worry about bullys. their just jelous that they cant wear shorts. I wear short shorts to scouts as well.