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A Spanking Poll

spanked with sibling

Posted by Jimbo3 on 2014-03-06 06:22:05

at least having no siblings, my lickings were just me (and dad). Would it be worse if bruvs were watching?

Posted by Dr. Who on 2014-03-22 23:28:09

Am the eldest of 3 lads - when one of us guys gets a whippin' from the old man the others have to be there to see it - as a deterrent. When all 3 of us gotta get it the hard bit is waiting ur turn while u see the other bruvs butts gettib' red and blistered and knowing that ur turn is coming - defo bricking it, as we say!!

Posted by Jimbo3 on 2014-03-23 19:17:13

thx. So as oldest, you'd prefer to be first? What's your old man use? His work belt? Does his whippins really be much of a deterrent?

Your dad actually blister butts? I know the strap (or belt) can sure feel like it is blistering the butt ... but never saw any actual blisters. Was uncomfortable sitting for a while though!

When u get ur whippin before a brother or brothers ... do you watch them get theirs then (and do you feel 'sorry" for them) or r u so thinking about what u got that u don't notice they are following?

Posted by Dr. Who on 2014-03-24 20:40:14

The old man decides who goes first when all 3 of us r gettin' a lickin' - 'cause I'm the eldest I get it hardest so watching is a deterrent to the other 2, esp. the youn 'un!! When all 3 r getting it you're just brickin' it as u wait (an expression meaning that u r so scared that u could "s--t a brick". No, u don't actually feel sorry - just gald it ain't u or ur guts are wrenching as u wait ur turn - cane/switch/belt/strop/tawse all of these, and more, have been used.

Posted by Jimbo3 on 2014-03-25 03:58:21

Any of those could spoil a day ... I think the strop might be the worst. If ur 2nd or 3rd, you sure know what is coming. Guess if u r first, at least then you can 'relax' and watch your brothers getting their butts burned too.

Of those, of those I have experienced, my 'preference' would be the belt ... though even that can sure make the bare butt sting!!!!