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A Spanking Poll

Jake and Olip, runners

Posted by Olip on 2010-09-13 01:25:14

Hi Jake,

BobJo asked if i'd wanna talk about running with you and maybe other stuff, too. Sure. I'm in 8th grade, and me and two other kids run with the cross country team at school. Me and my friends used to run just for fun, but its fun training with the team, and we were in a race last week. I did 5k in 24' 10" not too fast but I was O.K. with it for our first school race. You run with the high school team? How far in a race? What kinda times you got? Your probably better than me, but we're having fun.

What grade are you in? What subjects do you have?


Posted by bobjo on 2010-09-13 18:04:05

Hey Olip, Bobjo said I could talk to you on his message site-so here I am. Really like cross country-am in Jr HS, so we Dudes run together, not with the HS. Am 13 and in 8th grade too! Enjoy the piano-Bobjo said you play real good. Have lots of HW, and take Spanish-Bro is real fluent in it-not me so much. Am good in math and science, really like History-read a lot of bios-hey u like sports other than cc,I like baseball, not football, am not as good a jock as Bobjo, but he is older.

You also get spanked, we all get it, just got the strap the other day-Dude, it hurts like hell, and I stil have some black/blue marks on my backside! Guess my Dad is real strict, but most of my friends also are spanked too, Texas lets you get paddled in school, so you need to be real careful-Bobjo gets it alot more in school than me-he can be a real pain!

Got to go, we had a 1/2 day for 1st p-a Conf., so am going to do homework.

Jake, the "good" Bro

Posted by Olip on 2010-09-13 22:09:34

Hey, Jake,

Fun to talk to a guy in Texas who runs cross country too. Is it real hot there? So do you run early in the morning before school? I'm not allowed to say where we live, so I'll just say we live in the northeast quarter of good ol' USA, and it's started to cool off enough that we run after school now. In August we ran a 5:30 or 6 a.m., went home, went swimming and other stuff, and then came back to school after supper to lift. Now we lift sometimes before we go running. You guys lift too? Light weight, lotta reps? What all lifts do you guys do?

You guys gotta buy your own shoes like we must? What do your run in? I have two pairs of Nikes to trade off different days. What kind of jock do you run in? I have a couple of Bike supporters with 2" waists, "performance jocks," and I like them better than 3" waists. I have a swimmer supporter for going swimming, too, and sometimes I wear that under running shorts. One of my friends goes commando, but I tried that once and didn't like it. And dad tells me I should always wear a jock for safety, and I even sorta get a turn-on from it.

How far are races for your team? We have a middle school with grades 6, 7, & 8, but by 8th grade, you're more like a high school kid than a 6th grade kid, and we're allowed to run with the high school team. Middle school football and basketball does stay separate, though. There's a small bunch of 8th graders on cross country, and we sorta hang out together or with the 9th graders. Our school is sorta little, and middle school and high school are all in the same building. Just different principals and stuff like that.

I played little league again this summer. I'm not too good, but its fun, and I like it. Dad got me a spider guard this summer, and that feels better than a regular hard cup. You have a hard cup or even a spider guard? Don't wanna get your stuff crushed, as they say it REALLY hurts. Heard stories of guys passing out from getting hit there. Don't wanna find out!!

So what are you taking in school? I have German, English, a science course, algebra I, a history course, music, art, gym. Are you guys required to wear jocks in gym class, and does the teacher check? How? We don't have to, but in high school, they gotta wear jocks, and the teacher makes them pull down one leg strap enough that the teacher can see it, or you get reported to your parents. Some kids get thrashed at home if they get reported home, so most guys do wear jocks in gym class.

Does your school have a pool? Our is too little to have a pool, so kids don't learn swimming at school here. Are you a good swimmer? I am.

Hey, let's write more, o.k.?


Posted by Olip on 2010-09-14 23:45:18

Hey, Jake,

Had a meet today, away, and the course was really hilly. All our times were a little slow, and I only ran a 25'+ race. But it was O.K. We had fun, and when I was coming around the last corner, our coach was here yelling at us and said "Go Olip, I wish I had 5 more 8th graders like you." Neat of him. Our team won the meet, and he was happy, but he's great with us, win or lose.

Hey, I get it with a thick rubber paddle, and its like FIRE on your butt!!! It only takes two licks for you to start crying, and soon your screaming from the hellish, fiery pain!! Man, you don't want that thing!! What's your dad's strap like? Rubber or leather? How long & how wide? How does he hold you when you get it? I gotta go over my dad's left leg and put my hands down on the floor, and he puts his right leg over my legs and clamps you down so you can't get away, and then you really get that rubber paddle ALL OVER YOUR BUTT!! He doesn't miss an inch, and your butt burns for the next half hour or more.

But about two weeks ago I said stuff to mom you should never say, including the f word, and she sorta screamed and then sat down at the kitchen table and cried and sobbed like mad. I felt like a real jerk and told her I was sorry and wasn't thinking when I said it. She said dad would thrash me real good when he found out, and I asked her if I could tell him myself and offer to take the paddle for what I did, and she said I could.

So when he got home, I told him, and he asked me if I thought I deserved the paddle. I told him I did, so he made me go upstairs, use the bathroom, go to my room and strip and put on a jock, like I always gotta do, but when he walked in he had the paddle i his hand he used to use on me before I turned 13.

His old paddle is made of stuff called lexan and has about a dozen holes in it. It burns like fire, too, but at least it can't lick you all around your butt like the rubber paddle does, and I thought maybe since I told him myself, he'd take it a little easy on me. Man, was I wrong!! He made me lean across the back of my chair, grab the two front corners of the seat, and hold myself in position while he licked me. He always holds me, and while its hell getting thrashed, its sorta like a man to man feeling when you feel his body holding you even when he licks you. But this time I didn't feel his body and just had to hold myself in position. He licked me the whole time at the very bottom of my butt, and after a while it felt like flames of fire shooting up from my butt. I don' know how many licks I got, but I ended up screaming as hard as I could, and he just kept licking me what seems like an eternity. I think it was one of the worse thrashings I ever got.

I musta screamed and cried for 10 minutes after he stopped giving it to me, and after a while he put his arm around me, hugged me, told me he was really sorry he had to give it to me, and did I learn my lesson? Yeah, I sure did!! He told me to go to bed and lay on my front, and he helped me by lifting my covers up and then letting them down real easy so they did scrape my butt. I was still pretty red the next morning, but at least it didn't burn any more.

But after that, I think I'd rather have him hold me over his leg and lick me with the rubber paddle. It hurts like fire, but if you did something that deserves it, its O.K. You stop crying after a while, and dad always helps you to get over it. So I can't complain. He's a great dad. I know he loves me a lot, just like mom does, and I love my parents a lot, too. I hope your parents are as good to you as mine are, and if you do something that deserves your butt licked, you just gotta take it and hope it helps you to grow up. My dad got it from Grandpa with a rubber hose, and I guess it helped him too. He's a great dad, and I wanna be like him when I'm a man. I just hope I don't need the paddle much longer.

Gotta do some more algebra and must write some sentences in German. Unsere deutsche Lehrerin ist sehr schön.


Posted by bobjo on 2010-09-16 12:39:20

Olip: Am getting ready for school, we have no cross country today, I have Nikes Zoom and Adidas Cosmos-both real good!

Dude, I hate getting whipped, my Dad uses all those rubber ones, but worse, if I am real bad, I get taken to Grandpa's woodshed, which is less than 5 min. up the road. It is real bad-get tied over the wooden horse n whipped with the razor strap. My Dad and uncles also got whipped there growing up-so it family tradition. Hey, you are good at German, what did you say?

Will go to BobJO's football game tonight-he's good at throwing, but not as fast as the older Dudes! He got paddled in the locker room yesterday-lucky, no note home cause he took 15 swats, Dude his ehind had quater blisters on his butt cheeks. Doesn't want Dad to know, cause he has a deal with him and can pick out a truck-so I am not saying a word-not even to Josh-who has a big mouth!

Got to go-