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Moms having sex with sons friends

My Story

Posted by son45 on 2010-03-27 17:07:57

This first happened when I was 15(my mom was 41). There were three of my friends who would usually come over to my house together and we would hang out. They were all a little older than me(two were 16 and one was 17 at the time), and would occasionally tease me about my age/maturity ect. They were also very forward, especially with girls, and they loved to flirt with my mom. Unfortunately my mom is a rather flirtatious person herself and would usually respond to their whistles and innuendo with a suggestive comment or look. Much to my embarrassment.

So one day we were hanging out at my house and we were sitting in the living room playing video games. My mom had just gotten out of the shower and was walking back to her room, she was only wearing a towel. Of course as soon as she walked through the room my friends started flirting with her. The oldest one, being the boldest, started suggesting that maybe she could use some help getting dressed after the shower, or that maybe she wasn't completely dry and could use some help finishing the job. My two other friends readily agreed, I just sat, unsure of what to say, feeling humiliated. My mom responded that she was a big girl and could handle getting dressed, but my friends kept insisting. Finally, my oldest friend, who had been moving steadily closer to my mom this whole time, suddenly grabbed the towel and yanked it off of my mom. She was left standing naked in front of my three horny friends.

We all kind of froze for a second and then I immediately jumped up and tried to help my mom cover up with the towel. She stopped me however, and said that maybe my friends were right and she could use a little assistance and that they should accompany her back to her room. I was left standing there as my three friends eagerly followed my mom back to her room. Once they got there they hastily closed the door.

Within a matter of minutes I heard sounds from her room. I could hear what sounded like my mom moaning and I just had to get a closer look. I crept up to the door, which hadn't closed entirely, and peered through the opening. All four of them were on my mom's bed, she was kneeling on all fours while my oldest friend was pounding her hard from behind, he was $%!@ing her $%!@. Another of my friends was lying under her, $%!@ing her $%!@, while my third friend was standing in front of her as she sucked him off. The whole time she was moaning and screaming at the top of her lungs.

I couldn't help but noticed that all my friends had much bigger $%!@s than me. The sight of my mom getting pounded by my three big dicked friends was completely humiliating, but it was also turning me on alot. I couldn't help but take out my own(much smaller) $%!@ and start jacking off to the sight before me. It wasn't long before I blew my load and I spent the rest of the day watching my friends $%!@ my mom every way possible.

Since then my mom has $%!@ed even more of my friends and most of the time I've been able to watch or at least hear. She's done all sorts of stuff with them, from vanilla things to extremely kinky. If your interested in hearing some of her other exploits just let me know. And I'm always interested to hear from people with similar experiences.

Posted by son45 on 2010-04-14 20:45:47

My friends and my mom have gotten more adventurous and aggressive as things have gone on(Dad/Mom are divorced).I have joined in, in a way. My mom has told me to clean off my friends c@cks and to "make myself available to them", it's humiliating but I love it. Sometimes they tie me up or just make me stand and watch, or make me leave so all I can do is listen. Usually I get to watch but dont participate, my mom has made it clear that we will never have sex. She does kinda flirt with me, she likes to wear "show-off" kinds of clothes and act provocatively, but she also teases me about the size of my c@ck and how my friends are so much bigger than me.

Posted by son45 on 2010-04-14 21:11:27

I haven't checked this in awhile so I thought I would share another interesting story that happened some time ago.

I just got home from a friends house(not one who had $%!@ed my mom). As soon as I entered the living room I saw them. My mom was on the couch making out with one of my friends, while another sat next to her, feeling her up through her clothes. Well actually only one of them was my friend, the other guy, whom she was making out with, had always bullied me, so it was even more embarrassing to see my mom passionately kissing him. They didn't even stop when they noticed me, my friend(I'll call him Jim) told me that they were going to be busy with my mom for awhile and I should probably go wait in my room. My mom agreed with him, she said "go to your room honey, I'm sure these two 'big boys' will be keeping me busy for awhile". But the bully(I'll call him Bill) had other ideas. Bill was a big guy, extremely muscular and tall, and he always enjoyed picking on me because I'm fairly skinny and weak, and right now he looked right at me and said: "No, let the wimp stay, I want him to see this!".

Jim liked the idea but my mom didn't, and she again told me to just go to my room. But Bill and Jim ignored her, and when she kept protesting Bill quickly pulled her over his knee. She had been wearing simple drawstring shorts and he quickly yanked those off, revealing a her lack of underwear, and immediately started spanking her! I tried to stop him but Jim grabbed me and held me in a headlock, I was forced to watch as one of my biggest bullies spanked my mom! But the most humiliating part was yet to come, soon my mom was actually enjoying the spanking, talking dirty to Bill, calling herself a $%!@ and saying that she'd been "naughty". Eventually it stopped and Jim let me go, telling me to go stand in the corner and just watch.

My mom turned to me and blew me a kiss, then she turned to face my friends. She slowly began to dance for them, stripping off the tight tank top she was wearing as she did so, until she stood naked before them. Within seconds Jim and Bill were naked and had their large $%!@s(Bills was especially huge!) buried inside my mom, and she was screaming out in pleasure. They continued to $%!@ for at least two hours, with only a couple short pauses.

After they were done they finally remembered me standing in the corner. Bill told me strip and I knew better than to argue, soon I was standing naked in front of them, and my small $%!@ was rock hard from what I had just seen. They, my mom included, taunted me about my $%!@ and that I got off on watching my mom get $%!@ed. Then Bill had an idea, he suggested that someone who liked watching their bully bang their mom obviously needed to be punished and that my mom should "take care of this problem". My mom said "come here honey, you've been a bad boy and mommy has to give you a spanking". She spanked me for at least ten minutes as Bill and Jim watched and laughed. After she was done they made me go stand in the corner for another five minutes, with my bright red $%!@ on display. Then, as one final act of humiliation, they made me j-off right in front of them, and then made me lick it up. And the most embarrassing thing is...I loved every minute of it.

Posted by son45 on 2010-04-29 20:37:49

Hi beencuckold, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I dont have any sisters so no domination there(of course my Mom still provides plenty of humiliation). And do you really think my married life with be like this, just with my wife being $%!@ed instead of my mom? Some of my friends already like to call me a "cuckold son". And yeah, I guess my mom is pretty hot, especially for her age(I guess thats why my friends like her so much, lol). Just curious, did your mom ever have sex with your friends and has your wife ever done anything like what I've described. Also, I think I'll post some more stories of my Mom's "adventures" if you'd like.

Posted by son45 on 2010-05-03 03:28:32

Yeah, I kinda secretly(or not so secretly) like being the "cuckold son" so feel free to call me that(I probably should have put that as my user name, lol). And it sure sounds like the newspaper boy is getting to have his way with your wife(lucky him!). Just curious, how exactly does he touch her? And yeah, he probably does have "privileges" you don't, it seems like the stronger, more masculine, well hung guys always do. At least that's how it is with my mom and my friends.

Oh, and here's another story of my moms exploits:

This time I was already home when it happened, no surprising return home. I was in my room on the computer when I heard the doorbell ring. I went to my door and opened it, and saw my mom was already on her way to the door. I knew immediately that it was one of my friends, because my mom was wearing a lacy pink thong and a matching bra, and nothing else. She opened that door and I could see my friend(I'll call him Chris) standing there, with a big smile on his face! She immediately grabbed his hand and pulled him inside, and into a long and sexy french kiss. After they kissed she lead him back down the hall towards her room, but stopped when they got to me.

"Honey, Chris and I are going to be busy doing some things in mommy's room, the kind of things only 'big' boys like Chris get to do, so just stay in your room unless mommy calls for you, understand?" she said. "Yes mom" I replied, while Chris just gave me a wicked grin. "Also" my mom added as she lead Chris the rest of the way to her room, "I dont want you touching your little $%!@ while we're busy, no playing with yourself at all!".

So I went back into my room and of course within minutes I could hear them, I could hear my mom screaming for Chris to "give it all to her"and other things. It went on for at least an hour, maybe longer, and the whole time I just sat in my room, horny as hell, but I wouldn't jack off, my mom had forbidden it.

After the screams/moans had stopped for a couple minutes I heard my mom call me, "Dear, please come down here, we need you to do something, and make sure your naked". Within seconds I had stripped off my clothes(revealing my raging and pathetic boner) and rushed down to my moms room. I saw her and Chris lying on her bed, both naked and sweaty. As soon as I came in Chris started laughing and my mom said "See, I told you he was really small, look at what a real boy has dear". And I did, Chris had a really big $%!@, at least 7 inches, and it was still rock hard.

"Mommy's tired" my mom said to me, "so your going to have to give Chris a blow-job for me", it was a command not a request. I hesitated at first but one look from my mother convinced me otherwise, I crawled up on the bed and wrapped my lips around my friends $%!@, moving my head up and down, slowly getting the hang of it. Apparently I was pretty good because it didn't take to long for Chris to blow his load in my mouth, and my mother insisted that I swallow it all.