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People who used to have corporal punishment in school.

I was caned at school in 1985

Posted by ZOEPAYNE on 2010-02-26 16:12:10

It was the last day at school in July 1985 before the summer holiday and a non uniform day. Myself along with 2 other girls and boys decided to try smoking.

We were caught by a teacher and marched to the headmasters office.

The headmaster decided we were all going to have 6 strokes of the cane.

He caned the boys and the gym mistress caned us. I thought it was unfair as the boys were allowed to keep their jeans up and we were caned over the knickers.

I had the slipper from the new gym mistress until I left school in July 1986 when corporal punishment was abolished.

Six months later I met a young man who later became my husband.

He had the same surname as the teacher who caught us smoking and I soon realised he was her son.

My mother in law reminds me of the caning occasionally and has let my 2 daughters know about it.

Oddly enough another one of the caned girls is now the daughter in law of the gym mistress who caned us and the other girl is the daughter in law of a teacher at a nearby school and is now a teacher herself.

I lost contact with the 2 boys.


Posted by Hanna Holmes on 2010-02-26 16:50:44

Hello Zoe

I had the same experience as you in July 2009.

I had just left school for the last time and decided to try smoking along with another girl.

Corporal punishment is not allowed in the UK in schools.

Mum however spotted me and I was marched home. She told me off and flexed a cane in front of me and then made me take off my skirt and knickers and then bend over the desk.

She then said I will be getting 6 strokes and I would get 2 extra if I stood up before being given permission.

She then delivered the 6 strokes and my bottom was well on fire after the first 2.

I did however just about managed to take the 6 without standing up.

I was then sent to bed and spread some cold cream on my bottom. Mum came in with the cane 1 hour later and she said she was checking to see if she had caned my bottom hard enough and made me show her my bottom.

She did not cane me again but she gave me 10 smacks with her hand which was very nasty on my caned bottom.

I am now at college and have certainly not smoked again.

She reported the other girl to her mother and she got the slipper.


Posted by DaveHern on 2010-02-26 17:54:22


It was most unusual at our school to know a girl who got school spanked. It seemed always to be boys. We had no cane but instead a wood paddle into which holes had been drilled to make it sting more with each swat.

Was this your first caning at school? How did you react when told you were to get 6 with the cane? Were there tears or further reaction as you felt the 6 strokes?

How did you find out the boys got their caning while wearing jeans?

Did the young man who became your husband talk about canings he might have gotten from his mom or at school from the headmaster or was he more excused being a teacher's son?

Posted by ZOEPAYNE on 2010-02-26 21:57:28

Hello Dave

It was my one and only caning and I was in floods of tears.

My mother in law has told me that on average two girls got caned every month at the school and there were 700 girls and 700 boys.

A few of the girls did however return for a second and even a third caning.

One girl had 11 canings during the 5 years she was at the school.

I spoke to one of the boys and he told me they were allowed to keep their jeans on.

I think it was more difficult to see the bottom through a school skirt so girls had to take their skirts off where as it was easy to see a boys bottom through his trousers.

On that day however the girls and boys were wearing jeans but I think the Gym mistress made us take them off as she was used to caning girls through the knickers.

My husband went to another all boys school and never had the cane.

The gym mistresses seemed to give one girl 2 strokes of the slipper every PE lesson for incorrect kit, etc. I think I was slippered by the gym mistress at least twice a term so I think she saw my bum at least 30 times.


Posted by John123456789 on 2014-10-28 02:05:28

Hi Zoe, I have just come across your post and would be very interested to hear about your school caning. Please describe in detail how you were informed you were to be caned, how you felt beforehand, how it was administered stroke by stroke, and your reactions during and afterwards. I'd really appreciate you taking the time to reply, many thanks in advance, cheers, John