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stealing or stolen shoes - for boys only

stories of stealing shoes or having shoes stolen

Posted by soxandboxersboy on 2010-02-15 20:57:17

please share stories of your shoes being stolen or when you stole a boys shoes! or if you want im me or email me at: soxandboxersboy@yahoo.com

Posted by jaymeister on 2010-02-15 23:10:57

Also see poll entitled "The shoe sweepers."

At the roller rink/dance club in town there was a rule that shoes had to be placed in lockers and there was a sign that items not placed in lockers would be removed. People often ignored this rule and left shoes on the floor, under the tables, etc. Part of the duties of the staff was to do "shoe sweeps." We would come through and take all the shoes that were not placed in lockers as the shoes had to be cleared from the area for safety.

It was interesting to see the different reactions when people came back and found their shoes gone. The collected shoes were given to charity or the person could get them back by paying a fine.

Posted by soxandboxersboy on 2010-02-20 20:40:08

here is a post from the poll:

In my school, many guys don't put locks on their lockers. I've stole lots of shoes that way. I just throw them away. Guys ought to lock their lockers. What I like more is when guys leave shoes in the library or at a party and walk off, especially if they're far from home. I steal their shoes. Lots of times they're barefoot and have to go home that way. One summer I got one kid's shoes at a park, I guess it was the only ones he had. He was barefoot for about 10 days after. I felt a little bad. I bet he's still careful!

Posted by jaymeister on 2010-02-20 21:10:00

Shoes left lying around in the middle of the floor need to be cleared away so people will not trip on them.

Posted by soxandboxersboy on 2010-02-23 19:47:55

here are two posts from the poll:

my favorite thing is to steal my friends shoes and hide my own, then put their shoes on my feet and wait 4 them to notice :D

Several times my shoe stolen. Once it happened in the library. I wore gray socks and brown loafers, a little loose. I crossed his legs and my moccasin fell from my feet, so that I could not reach that my foot. I decided to raise my shoe later, when I'm done taking notes, but after a few minutes one of my colleagues took my shoe off the floor and threw it out the window. I shouted at him, but it was too late. I had to go on the floor wearing only my left moccasin, and circumnavigate the entire school building to come to the right place. Many students saw me and then laughed at me. Fortunately, I found my moccasin in the bushes under the window open. Several times he stole fellow shoe. And some girls too.