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Why is it that... ?


Posted by tatl_tael on 2010-08-11 20:55:48

A lot of people just don't like country music. It's too depressing for me personally. And mankind has almost always been at war with something or someone because we are imperfect. People in general don't like to admit they're wrong, they have to make it right in their own way. So here you have one person saying one thing is better than the other and here's another person saying that one thing is better than the other, neither one will say they're wrong, and neither one will change perspective. Human's tend to be very opinionated and stubborn. My only guess as to why the death penalty exists is because people would rather just completely obliterate a problem rather than solve it. Or maybe they're just afraid. I dunno. I think war is used as a threat to make others fear the ones who are doing the threatening. It's all about being the most powerful, the most dominant. Recently I met a man on Youtube who calls himself foreerknight(or something to that effect) who is completely homophobic and says that homosexuals are sub-human and diseased, etc. He and I got into an argument about it, and the only reason I could think of to explain his stereotypes against gays was that they were different and he thought he had all this knowledge that he got off of these homophobia-encouraging websites, but really he's just ignorant. I was one of those people who hated the government. I hated it because I didn't trust anybody. It was stupid of me to point my anger at the government, my problems were not the government's fault, but I can best sum it up as this: my mom was in prison, the government put her there. She has restitution, we were going to lose the house, and who knows what else, and I pointed fingers at everyone involved except the person at fault. I guess some people hatte the government because of the interference in our lives and the choices that the government gets to make for us. ( I don't know anything about that -- I'm only fourteen.) By the way, Airgod and Host, I am a girl and we have met on Misterpoll before. =]