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For boys...

Posted by beachmom on 2010-02-05 06:19:56

Bob, I think you'll find that for most boys it's common to pee in any of these places and I doubt anyone would care about exactly where or how you do it. On a beach or in a park it might depend upon who's around you as to how you do it, as exposure might be an issue. In locker rooms that's not an issue and I'm sure all guys have done it for one reason or another. I've understood for some time that my boys don't use restrooms in locker rooms or change rooms and instead opt to just do it in the showers or on the floor. My sister's aware that her boys do so and so are many of the moms of my boys friends. If you're asking because you're hesitant to do so, I don't think you need to be concerned about it really, I doubt any other guys will care or that your mom would ever know, but you might learn that she assumes you do pee in these places as most boys do. I first realised this taking my boys to swimming lessons. Moms helped dress pre-school boys and observed the 5-7 year olds peeing in showers and drains. Within a week all the moms were having the little boys go there too, as it was easier than taking them to restrooms.

Posted by Louise P on 2010-03-10 08:48:24

I remember my parents let my brother pee into the pool changing room, and other male kids did it too, withe their mother accepting it or telling them to go.. I and my sister did it too, but mostly we had to be much more discrete and went peeing into the changing stalls with door, as neighboor woman taught us to do. My husband's sister has children bigger then mine, and she was the first that I know lettign hers on peeing into the ladies changing room when he was a kid and come togheter with us to change at the pool. I was puzzled at first, but I noticed that other women didn't complain, instead I see that other let their children do the same. My son learnt to pee into the kids or ladies changing room when my sister take them to the pool. In fact she let her son (and daughters) just pee on the floor, and when my son had to go she let him did the same. He started doing it when he came with me too, my sister always todl me "let him go, boys will be boys, everybody does it". I accepted it, as I foun it much better than taking him outside to the bathroom. I was embarassed when he did it in presence of other mother, but i discoverd that almost all of them, included the swim teacher just thought "boys are boys, let him go", then i discovered that other mothers let or encouraged theyr sons to just pee in the changing room, as it was much quickier than getting them to the toilet. It happens in the girls changing room too


Posted by what to do on 2010-04-01 04:15:41

Yeah, really I've learned it's not something that would shock anyone. Growing up many of my freinds peed over drains or in the showers, naturally I did so myself a few times and found I rather enjoyed doing so and did so all the time when no one was around or among friends. My mom was very concervative so naturally I never mentioned anything about it to her nor would I do so around anyone who might say something about it to her as I was sure she'd be horified. I had gone to college and returned for the summer working at our local pool. Mom had come to pick me up after close and being the pool was closed and I had locked the womens door she came through the mens room. I didn't know she was here yet nor did I expect her to ever walk into the mens room, but she did! There I was naked $%!@ing out into the center of the floor facing her as she walked in! I was mortified, I cut it off instantly and froze as she continued to walk in. To my surprise she didn't seem surprised or embarrased to see me naked. My towel and clothes were by the door, where she was now standing. She stopped, picked them up and brought them over to me saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interupt you, but I'm in a bit of a hurry today, so finish taking care of your business, get dressed and lets go. I expected her to walk out, but she stopped at the door and waited for me. I was very hesitant and a bit stage shy, but I did continue urinating, this time facing the other direction, dressed and walked out. For weeks mom never mentioned anything about it, but then in similar situation at close we were both walking out together. I said I needed a moment to change and take a leak, but she followed me through the mens room anyway. I walked half across the room to change, this time with my back turned to her and and changed into my clothes. As I was grabing my things, she said to me, "we're not going right home, didn't you say you needed to urinate." I replied, "yeah, I'll be right back" and set down my things to walk to the restroom. Mom shocked me again by saying, "oh, don't worry about it, just go, I know boys don't run to the toilets. I set my things down and thought to walk towards the showers, but instead thought "ok, if she doesn't care" and I instead I just turned to the center of the room and let it rip. I still expected some reaction from mom, but to my surprise she's absolutly ok with it.

Posted by Louise P on 2010-04-14 07:34:49

what to do sometimes mother are much more tolerant and open minded about peeing that you would think, and we all know what boys are used to do when they need to pee. I rember that the first times I saw someone peeing into a changing stall, it was a childood friend and she said me it was her mother who told her to do it. We used to go togheter to the city pool, as her mother doesn't work ans she often take us with her family. I was 8-9 at the time, my sister was 11 and our firiend was almost her age. I remember that we sometimes peed over the large drain of the chldren changing room at swimming lesson, as everybody did it. But i never saw before someon peeing over the floor of changing stall. I rember that while changing my friend said she had to pee, I told her i need it too ad i would go quickly to the showers to pee. I was surprised when she told me "you can pee right here too". I was really puzzled, and asked if she was sure, but she replied her mother let her doing it too, it was not a problem, and other girls do it too. Then she simply peedo on th floor sitting on the edge of the bench into the changing stall making a splashin sound and big puddle on the floor. I held it and went to pee into the showers drain outisde, as i was used to do. Next day bwfore going home we went to the changing stalls, and i told my friend that i should pee beofore leaving, she said she would pee too. Than before going into the changing stall she told her mother "Mom, we need to pee, can we do it into the changing room before leaving?" I was surprised when she said "ok, but hurry up, we have to go quicklyu to take the bus". This time when my friend urinated on the floor I followed her and did it too. I heard a sort of spalshing sound from the next stall too, so I suspected that her mother did it too. On sunday, with a more crowd, we went into the same changing stall with her mother, and my friend said "I'll pee right now" and went on the floor. her mother noticed I was holding myself, so she told me "if you have to go, do it , don't worry for me". So i peed in the corner of the changing stall too.


Posted by bonzoid on 2010-04-14 07:48:19

What happens to me rarely gets reflected in the questions provided in polls - for instance the one about needing to poop when in the changing room. It has happened to me but I just dithered and didn't make up my mind until it was too late. I guess the way to describe it would be that I had stripped to my underpants, was desperate for a poo and couldn't decide what was best to do. While still making up my mind with an increased sense of panic I realised nothing was going to stop it escaping and just stood there while the back of my briefs filled up. The briefs ended up in the garbage can because there was no where else for them and I showered to clean up.

I'm probably just a wimp but with pee situations the decision to piddle somewhere unusual is equally challenging and if I do go in a parking lot or in a bush it won't be before my underpants are very damp.