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Tickle Torture

my method

Posted by hoplite32 on 2010-02-21 02:25:46

This is how I would tickle you. I would run a magic shop, as you come in I would offer to show some rare tricks for sale.

after a few minutes you would lie in one of the boxes and be locked in. at that point I would remove your shoes, and saw you in half.

Now that you are at my mercy I would tickle and rub your feet all I wanted

Posted by andrew92 on 2011-01-11 01:55:56

Sounds very torturous!! Would I be able to get revenge on you?

Posted by Demetri_is_ticklish on 2011-02-22 07:50:45

I wouldn't restrain or gag you because It never happened to me befor AND I don't know how to tie a knot...any way I would attack you from behind, wrap my arms around you and whisper "move and get tickled" you would struggle instinctively and I would flip you over and tickle you all over your sides with one hand and all around and in your cute little belly button with the other and sadistically watch you scream and laugh hysterically. I would then use both hands to tickle your belly button and you would be forced to scream so loud youre out of breath when you finish. I'll never leave your stomach, I'll just spider tickle it all over, especially on your cute little button until you decide you've had enough and get up. Yes you may get revenge on me by either tickle torturing my stomach(my WORST place, I'll scream and thrash beyond insanity), my belly button(my second worst spot, I'll shriek impossibly loud and thrash before falling into a frozen state-a state where I'm twitching because it is so excruciating hell that I can't scream, cry, or show any type of pleading, only agony infinitely beyond hysterics...etc shown most often when im being tickled on my sensitive stomach and after five minutes when you are fingering or feathering my adorable belly button), or under my chin( my third worst spot where I just giggle uncontrollably and always show people I'm ticklish when they do this), or my neck and shoulders(I just wail beyond control a squirm heavily). But don't touch my feet because I only feel a slight tickle and don't react much. But if you only know how to tickle feet, feather my feet quickly and flicker it under and between my toes, watchingme try to catch it. And if I look like I might, tickle fiercely between my toes and watch me gasp and suddenly break into screaming and wailing because magically after that moment, my feet become absolutely tortured by those feathers. When my gf first found out, she feathered my feet all over again, quickly getting under and between my toes while I just kicked and screamed before running away(I'm never restrained so I can leave when I like). Soplease don't do that.

Posted by andrew92 on 2011-03-19 23:55:38

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Posted by Mario2108 on 2019-08-18 17:21:22

Demetri is ticklish

I need to be tickled like that.