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Brother or Sister Punishment


Posted by _CLAIRE_ on 2010-05-09 18:29:54

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Posted by Pac-Man on 2010-06-08 01:51:11

Brother verses Sister Combat VIII by Buzz Haywood buzzhaywood@yahoo.com An Hour in the Cage!

The time had come. The Iron Sibling match in a steel cage. The time had finally arrived. Richie Kroll was our referee. So far; 6-309; 315 matches. The basement was packed. Annie and Randal were both here. Pre-match interviews were done with the both of us.

Annie wished me luck. The introductions were made. I, of course, was introduced first. Oh well! I entered the cage. Next, Lauren got the big, grand entrance. There were even puffs of smoke from a machine. There was even a light show for her. The ring announcer, Dave Cappetta, went over the rules. The bell rang. We circled the ring and then locked up. She began pounding away on me. She arm dragged me.

Next she drop kicked me. She then applied a belly to back suplex. She pinned me. I kicked out at two. She kept up the attack. Next I got a DDT from her. 1-2-3! At 2 minutes and 54 seconds she scored the first fall. She pulled me by the hair, I began kicking at her ankle, then I body slammed her. I went to drop the elbow, but she moved. After I crashed, she lifted me up for a body slam, but I cradled her and placed my feet on the ropes for leverage while the referee counted to three. I finally scored a pin fall on her! Yeah, I cheated, but at the 6 minute and 7 second mark, we were tied at 1-1 in this match. Lauren couldn't believe it.

No one could believe what just happened. While I was feeling proud of myself, Lauren clotheslined me right down. She dragged me into the middle of the ring and applied a figure four leg lock on me. I tried to fight it, but I couldn't. "Do you submit?" asked the ref. "Yes!" I said. So at 7 minutes and 22 seconds, the score of the match was 2-1 in Lauren's favor. I got up slowly, Lauren kicked me, I fell into referee Richie Kroll, we both fell, with me crashing on top of him. As I got up, Lauren rolled me up.

Richie crawled over and counted, but I kicked out. Then Lauren threw me into the cage and rolled me up again. 1-2-3! At 9 minutes and 37 seconds. 3-1 in her
favor. She wasted no time in applying a sleeper hold on me. I was fighting it and began swinging my feet. My foot kicked his stomach. Richie hit the cage.
Lauren had it locked on me. Chip Patrick entered the cage and helped Ricky out of there. I hit Lauren's arm three times. Chip thought I was tapping out, so at the 12 minute and 56 second mark, it turned into 4-1. She kept it on. I had an idea. I kicked up my feet and fell on top of Lauren for the pin at the 14 minute and 6 second mark. 4-2.

I got up, but so did she. Lauren hit a super kick and then pinned me. 1-2-3! At the 14 minute and 34 second mark. 5-2. I got up slowly and Lauren slapped on the sleeper again. The more I struggled, the harder she pressed. I was moving my arms around, trying to somehow escape. The more I fought it, the worse it got. We both went down onto the mat. The ref raised my arm up, and it went down. Then he raised it up again, and it went down again. Then he raised up my arm one more time and it went down again. So, at the 18 minute and 59 second mark it became 6-2.

Then she placed her foot on top of me. 1-2-3! At 19 minutes and 6 seconds it turned into 7-2. Then Lauren placed one finger on me. 1-2-3! At the 19 minute and 11 seconds it became 8-2. Then she placed her hand on me. 1-2-3! And at 19 minutes and 17 seconds it was 9-2. Suddenly, I rolled onto my stomach. Lauren applied a camel clutch.
"Do you submit?" asked the ref. "Yes!" I said. So at 19 minutes and 36 seconds the scoreboard was 10-2. I started slithering around the ring. Lauren grabbed onto my ankles, so I grabbed a whole of the ref's feet. As Lauren yanked on me I dragged Chip the ref crashing down.

He was still down when Lauren pinned me. Chip stood up and ran over, but twisted his ankle in the process. He was in pain, but he started crawling over then he slapped the mat. Then he slapped
it again. And then again. So at the 23 minute and 58 second mark it became 11-2. The match continued and referee Lenny Anderson took over the refereeing duties. Lauren punched me in the face and I went crashing down. Lauren pinned me. 1-2-3! At 25 minutes and 11 seconds the score turned to 12-2. Again, I rolled to my stomach. But she rolled me back. Now Lauren climbed the ropes.

She changed her mind and climbed the cage. She went as high as she could and executed a wonderful looking frog splash, but I moved and she crashed. We were both down. The ref put on the count. "One." Lauren was hurt. "Two." But so was I. "Three." I got closer to the ropes. "Four." Five." I was using the ropes for leverage. "Six." Lauren was just laying there. "Seven." I was almost up. "Eight." I was on my feet. "Nine." Just barely. "Ten." At the 27 minute and 46 second mark, the board now read 12-3. I didn't want to miss an opportunity, so I quickly rolled Lauren onto her back and hooked both her legs as I pinned her. 1-2-3! At 27 minutes and 58 seconds, it was now 12-4.

Lauren was still hurt, this was my chance. I locked on a figure four on her. The ref asked her if she wanted to submit. She didn't reply. But her shoulders were down. So the ref slapped the mat three times. 28 minutes and 34 seconds, and it became 12-5. I kept the figure four on so Lenny the ref counted again. (28 minutes and 57 seconds; 12-6.) Lauren attempted to reverse the figure four. She accidently left her shoulders down too long and the ref counted again. (29 minutes and 44 seconds; 12-7.) She finally reversed the figure four. Now the pain was on me. I had no choice but to release the hold. We were both down. "One." "Two." Had to grab the rope. "Three." "Four." Getting closer! "Five!" Six!" Grabbed it. "Seven." Getting up. "Eight." "Nine." I was up. "Ten."

So at 31 minutes and 53 seconds, it was now 12-8. Lauren still hadn't gotten back up to her feet, so the referee counted again. "One." "Two." I was leaning up against the turn buckle post. "Three." "Four." Lauren was attempting to stand up. "Five." "Six." She was still moving. "Seven." "Eight." I was at least getting my air back. "Nine." "Ten." And at 32 minutes and 54 seconds it was now 12-9. I still
needed more rest. So I stood and watched the ref count her out again. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Just like that at 33:18 the score was 12-10.

To Be Continued... Hour in the Cage continues!

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Posted by red horse on 2010-07-03 19:49:56