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Girls who are caned

The Cane Hurt like Hell

Posted by LindaJohnson on 2010-02-14 19:49:35

My mother gave me 6 strokes of the cane in 2003 when I was 14 for smoking.

It stung like hell and the pain lasted for about 3 days and the marks were there 10 days later.

I never smoked again and I was careful never to be caned again.

I find it hard to believe girls saying they took 25 strokes and touching toes.

I had to bend over the desk or I would have toppled over.


Posted by Ianpeter on 2010-03-05 15:57:46

Hi Linda,

Thanks for your note! Guess this was your first caning and sounds really like 6 of the best!

Was it on the bare?

had you received a good long spanking in the past?

The number of strokes can seriously depend upon the application and method used, equally the speed.

Still as you say stopped you from smoking, so it did the trick! Do you think caning is therefore good in its place?

Regards Ian

Posted by Jan Symmons on 2010-03-05 22:34:58

Hello Linda / Ian

I am 19 and had 6 strokes of the cane last Saturday.

Like Linda I had 6 strokes of the cane when I was 15 for smoking and never smoked again.

I am now at work but Mum still imposes a curfew time of midnight.

Last Friday I went out to a night club with some of my friends expecting my parents not to be at home that night and got in at 2am.

Mum and Dad were waiting. Mum immediately told me to take my skirt off. She then grabbed my arm, put me over her knee, pulled down my tights and knickers and smacked my bottom about 50 times. This was in front of Dad.

I was then sent to bed thinking that was the end of the matter.

The next morning I came down stairs in my nightie without any knickers on and I noticed the cane was on the table and the chair was in the middle of the living room.

Mum then picked the cane up and ordered me to bend over the chair.

I did so but pulled my nightie down to keep my bum covered as much as possible even though I knew my nightie would offer very little protection.

Mum however pulled my nightie well up, flexed the cane and raised it very high and the first stroke suddenly landed low on my bottom.

I did scream but she just gave me 5 further strokes.

She then sent me to bed and said I would get more strokes of the cane if I got up without permission except to go to the bathroom.

I did spread some cold cream on my bottom which took away some of the sting and I was allowed to get up at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

I am now grounded for this weekend and next weekend.


Posted by Ianpeter on 2010-03-06 13:20:56

Hi Jan

Many thanks for sharing your experience.

Good Parents hey! when in Rome live by the rules!

Can I assume you had a very short skirt on? as otherwise at 19 years of age you should at least be wearing and know to wear stockings not tights!.

I would have caned you there and then.

Do you feel your punishment was fair?

Is that the maximum number of strokes you have received with a cane or have you other experiences - I can't somehow believe this was your first time!


Posted by Jan Symmons on 2010-03-07 07:18:16

Hi Ian

As I said above I had been caned before for smoking but it has generally been the slipper on other occasions.

I had 3 strokes of the slipper just before Christmas for breaking Curfew time by 15 minutes.

My skirt was shortish but not extremely short like some of the girls wear to nightclubs.

I don't think the punishment was fair. Some of my friends of the same age are not subject to a curfew time especially the ones at work.

Yesterday a 36 inch cane arrived in the post which Mum showed me. I think that was classed as a senior boys cane in schools.

She said when I am naughty in future I will be getting caned with the 30 inch cane instead of the slipper and for serious offences it will be 6 strokes of the 36 inch cane.

Mum did say if I wanted to try the 36 cane to take my jeans and knickers down and she would give me 6 strokes. I did decline her kind offer.

I have never had more than 6 strokes.