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Busted Balls for Real

Your stories

Posted by jayjaytodd on 2010-02-13 20:13:59

my step mom has also kicked me on a regular basis. she thinks that its every womens right to kick a guy in the nuts. one time she even squeezed my balls for not cleaning my room. really hard.

Posted by Sad For mess on 2010-03-07 01:03:48

I have some friends that loves to kick guys in the groin They allways ask other male friend if they can hit him in the ball many of them refuse some say yes including me Then 3 of the other male friend and i were walkin to the girls hosue (we 4 accept to let them kick our testicle) no one is in there house except the 5 girls that is going to kick our balls/ they tell me and the guys to take off all the clothing we did then we were tied up on the wall and our leg is spread open and tape our mouth so the other neighbor wont call the police because they hear screaming or yelling/ They throws balls at our testicle including (tennis ball, soccer ball,basketball) I was in so much pain and embrass being naked in front of the girls then the female treat us like a slave or something They make 4male (includng me to have sex together on the floor(3 refuse including me) then they were squzzing our ball until we said YES! They tell us how to have sex like our $%!@ together and $%!@e each other and kissing and stuff I feel so ashame of myself and i felt like i lost my manhood in front of the femal When they let us go they make us to come next time as there slave for the weekeend I bet they are gonna do something wrost then this time (I think 2 of the male enjoy to get kick in the ball and haveing gay sex) (i am not the one who like any of those) I dont wanna go but i thhink i should because the female might do something wrost then going

Posted by southern pro hunter on 2010-03-20 02:06:08

I was 12 and went to a sleepover at friends house,that night they jumped me tied me up and striped me naked then beat my balls real hard !!!!!!!!! PAINFUL

Posted by Dante James on 2010-04-24 10:06:56

I've only been busted about two times in my life.

The first time was from my best friend. We always hang out and are very close to one another. So, one day, I decided to ask her to knee me in the balls. Now, she's taken like 8 years of karate, so I knew that it was gonna hurt, but her legs are just so amazing and she agreed to do it. We found a spot on campus where there were no security cameras or any people eating during lunch. I was getting a little hard as I stood there with my legs open, awaiting her knee to crush my balls. Of course, she couldn't notice this as I was wearing jeans at the time. "You ready?" she asked. I nodded quietly. In a fluid motion, she grabbed my shoulders, pulled me forward, and slammed her right knee straight into my balls. I fell to my knees as I clutched my injured manhood. It hurt so freakin much and I wanted to take more knees, but my erection was growing, so I decided to stay on the floor until the pain (and the pleasure) subsided.

The second time I got busted was from my sexy cousin. I mean, she is -sexy-. She's also one of the horniest girls I know. So, one day, I'm lying down on her bedroom floor, watching TV when she comes in after work. Immediately the blood started to rush to my pen_is. She walked in wearing a tight, gray cardigan and a very skinny, black skirt that showed off her nice @$$ and shapely legs. To top it all off, she was wearing these black high-heeled, pointed toe pumps. So she walked in, closed the door and locked it before she noticed that I was at the foor of her bed lying on my back with my legs spread out and my hands behind my head. She looked down at me from between my legs as she watched my "tent" start to rise. (I don't know if she knows this, but a footjob from her is my biggest fantasy). Anyway, she just smirked as she set her purse on the bed, bending over in a way that I could see all of her shapely body. Her smirk turned into a smile as she pulled my pajama pants off. She had a good view of the outline of my privates through my boxer briefs. She then slowly put her foot on my throbbing c0ck and started giving my a quick footjob through my boxer-briefs. Immediately I thrust my head back and closed my eyes in pure ecstasy. Apparently that's what she was waiting for as she said "Psych!" and stomped on my balls with the sole of her shoe (thank God it wasn't the heel). She then started grinding my balls with her foot as she added a bit more weight. I helplessly looked at her sexy leg as her foot grinded my manhood into a pulp. She seriously didn't stop twisting and adding pressure for a good ten minutes.

Anyway, that's my story.

Dante James


Posted by Venom's Web on 2010-04-28 16:32:30

Ouch, both those occurrences sound pretty painful, DJ, especially the second one. I couldn't imagine going through that for so long.

"Venom's Web, I've been reading a lot of your posts, and I'd like to get in touch with you. We seem to have similar ideas about ballbusting etc. Go ahead and e-mail me, if you wanna.


I'm more than willing to chat here about the subject if you want to.

Anyway I got busted again thanks to playing keep away with a remote. After failing to get the remote, my girlfriend grabbed my balls and gave them a quick squeeze. I dropped the remote in response and she changed the channel to the news.