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Busted Balls for Real

Your stories

Posted by KWoodhull on 2010-01-22 17:39:35

I'd be really interested in reading your guy's stories. Especially the guy who was castrated and the guy who got his balls popped. If you've ever gotten busted please tell me about it. Anything about getting your testicles damaged or destroyed and what you do about it now would be most appreciated.

I'm wet and playing with myself now just reading the results, you wouldn't want to keep a girl waiting now would you?

Karen Woodhull

Posted by Venom's Web on 2010-01-26 16:15:08

I've been busted four times in total.

The first time it occurred thanks to my friends daring me to lift up a senior's skirt back in high school. Being embarrassed like that made her very angry (and I can't blame her in the slightest; it was an immature and stupid thing I did) and she paid me back by reaching down with her right hand, grabbing hold of my nuts. Suffice to say, my balls got squeezed at that point.

The second time happened during a soccer game. I was the goalie at the time and trying to prevent someone from getting the ball into the net. I thought they were aiming high, so I raised my hands to prevent it from happening. Thing didn't work out to great for me, since the soccer ball came in low and hit me in the groin hard enough that I had to sit out the rest of the game after being escorted off the field. Truly embarrassing for me, since the soccer ball ricocheted off me and went into the side of the goal anyway.

Third time was thanks to a plan backfiring. After reading here how someone's girlfriend gave them a hug after getting kicked below the belt I was curious to see how my girlfriend would react. So I set up a scenario with one of my friends. We'd pretend to argue at a party, I'd insult her and she'd respond by (lightly) kneeing me in the groin in front of my girlfriend. In the end she kneed for real, so I certainly didn't have to fake a reaction. At least I did get sympathy from my girlfriend at the time. But some time later I found out that my friend told my girlfriend what we had been planning and my girlfriend had suggested she really ballbust me.

The last time was fairly recently. My girlfriend and I were watching TV and I playfully snatched the remote away from her and changed the channel to watch some sports. She tried to get the remote back and I held it up high to tease her. At that point she gave my nuts a light punch, just enough for me to wince and be stunned long enough for her to take back the remote.

Posted by KWoodhull on 2010-01-28 10:06:10

Thank you Venom's Web. Very interesting, I hope other guys taking this poll can be so forthcoming with their own stories. hint hint

Posted by green84 on 2010-01-30 01:59:11

Venom's Web, I've been reading a lot of your posts, and I'd like to get in touch with you. We seem to have similar ideas about ballbusting etc. Go ahead and e-mail me, if you wanna.


Posted by jayjaytodd on 2010-01-30 21:04:58

my sister likes kicking me in the balls. but what she loves doing the most, is putting her hand down my pants and squeezing my nuts. sometimes she just grabs my bag and dosent squeeze, she just fakes me out making me wonder when the pain will hit. or she'll rub my balls till i get hard. then she calls me a pervert and squeezes them for about thirty seconds laughing at me.