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Doing PE in bare feet (boys only)

Same here

Posted by GarethM-UK on 2010-01-17 20:15:04

Its the same at my school too - we have a choice of either trainers or bare feet for indoor PE. I love doing PE in bare feet, and I'm in bare feet for every lesson. But a lot of boys in my class always wear socks and trainers, which I think is stupid. It just feels so much better to be in bare feet for PE. I'm always trying to persuade my trainer-wearing friends to take them off and do the lesson in bare feet, and sometimes they do. Not sure what the girls do, as they are in a different class, but I think most of them opt for bare feet.

Posted by harry575 on 2010-01-20 08:26:56

Hi Gareth, at my school most of the boys just didn't want to do PE in bare feet. I remember in my last year at school waiting outside the hall for the teacher for a gymnastics class - 5 girls and 3 boys. I think 3 of the girls were barefoot, one of the other boys had forgotten his trainers yet he was standing outside the gym in white socks which I thought was really stupid as he was going to get them black (as the floor was quite dusty) and the teacher would make him take them off anyway for safety reasons. Incidentally 5 years after I left school there were adult gymnastics classes advertised at my old school. I went along - there were about 20 people aged between 16 and 35 and everbody was in bare feet including the teacher who when I was at school always took classes wearing trainers. Strange.

Posted by john-t_1999 on 2010-01-22 19:29:41

When I was at school (quite a few years ago now) it was a similar situation. We too had the option of wearing socks & trainers, or doing the lesson in bare feet. And it always seemed to be the same boys that wore trainers every lesson (unless they forgot them, in which case they were forced to do the lesson in bare feet - much to their embarrassment). I guess they just hated being in bare feet. Whereas the rest of us were always in bare feet.

What was interesting was that it didn't seem to matter what format the lesson took - whether it was gymnastics, indoors sports (such as five-a-side or basketball) or other forms of PE (circuit training etc). The same lads were always in trainers.

Similarly, those (including me) who hated wearing trainers for PE did every lesson in bare feet - even indoor ball games. Interestingly, the trainer-wearers always wore a vest too (which was also optional) whereas the bare-feet boys were usually bare chested also.

Girls (who did PE seperately) almost universally did indoor PE in bare feet.

Posted by Barry123 on 2010-02-05 21:58:56

PE should always be done with the minimum of clothing to let the body breathe, including feet. You also feel freer and enjoyable doing PE and exercise with barely anything on. At my school we boys only wore brief shorts and the girls very thin swimsuit like leotards like they wear in gymnastics but much lighter. And always in bare feet.

Posted by ilovescotland@hotmail. co.uk on 2010-02-10 19:27:17

when a was at school we had to do pe in shorts and vest , the whole class were in there barefeet. i hated pe at school