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stronger Siblings

stronger siblings

Posted by devistated on 2003-03-06 01:04:40

when i was 16 yrs old my little sister was 12 and she used to beat me up and make me submit out loud in front of my friends and then she used to make me dress up like a girl sometines a cheerleader or ballarina with pink leotard,tights and tutu and force me to walk through the neighborhood,sometimes making me stop in front of my friemds and other people and force me to get on my hands and knees and kiss her feet. i am now 21 and she is doing it again, the other night she forced me into a wrestling match against her in front of our friends ,she got me on the floof face down and got my arm behind my back, pushed up with one hand and with the other hand was pulling my hair,and forced me to submit,after which she made me put on a bra and panties,mini skirt,and pantyhose,and made me wait on everybody in the house fo about 3 hrs I was totaly embarrassed and humiliated as all our friends just laughed at me. what can I do? she is my little sister,she is 4 yrs younger than me ,she owns me and we both know it.