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Fights with girls

beaten bad

Posted by JIMface on 2003-05-21 00:04:29

I was down my village green and for a laugh I threw a stick at at an odd girl no one got along with she was about 16 it hit her pointy end first and she ended up crying, I was 18 at the time and instead of getting her own back herself, she sent one of the girls she bossed around a 9 year girl still at primary school at me, and without warnining this girl about 9 years younger than me had an elastic necklace around my throat dropping to my knees I was gasping for air she then went for my jugular , I fell to my stomach with this girl sitting on my back, I was losing concious, luckily for me she let go allowing me to breath. Unluckily she began givin mylifeless body a beating, kicking me in the stomach about 10 times, no exageration. I was a bloody,sweaty mess laying on the grass at the feet of a skinny girl nearly half my age. She had won.

Posted by natee on 2008-07-27 02:32:33

Same thing happened to me...Its a long story but I was living with my mom, and near my sister, and my sis, she has a daughter (then 9) and we weren't getting along very good and I tried staying away from her, but my niece got me in a wrestling move called 'leg sissors' I was laying down on the sofa, and her legs were around my neck chocking me...well, basically she chocked me for like half an hour, I could not pry her legs off...Amazing. She did this 3 more times, and as I was not able to hit her back, she started beating me up! She would just kick me in the shins, and down I'd go. It was so horribly embarrasssing. I ended up moving out because of this girl,who is my niece. Keep in mind I am 31 years old and 5 ' 9' and 155lbs and my niece was 4' 11' and about 110 lbs, and she owned me for monthes! messed up. so I belive you Jimface. nate.