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My story (part 1)

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Posted by AIRGOD and his Host on 2009-10-13 19:51:19

If you have an idea for my story, I will check it with my friend and ask If he likes it, and if its true. He is after all almost 12,000 years old.

Posted by AIRGOD and his Host on 2009-10-27 20:02:57

BTW, He turns 12,000 in two years from tomorrow.

For those of you who cant do math, that means he turns 11,998 yrs old tomorrow. and he looks like he's in his mid 20's! That's some crazy 5hit, don't you think?

Posted by tatl_tael on 2010-08-11 21:07:34

I almost wish I could live to be that old and still look like I'm in my mid 20's! But it would be sad to watch my family and friends die. And you know how some people do not understand cell phones or computers at all becuse they were a generation or two late? It would kinda suck to be so confused all the time like that, especially in this day and age when computers are practically necessary in nearly every occupation, and if there are more technological advances such as the invention of the computer (and I'm sure there will be) then that wouldn't be any fun at all. So I think I'll just settle for hoping I'll look like I'm in my mid 20's when I'm about 60 or 70. But i still have 46 years 'til I'm 60, so I don't have to worry about it now. grumbles: 11,999 yrs old and looks like they're in their mid 20's. Some gods have all the luck!

Posted by AIRGOD and his Host on 2010-11-13 18:35:09

Well, you're half right.

When I got here about 1,000 years ago, I was a little confused. It had a lot less technology than I had hoped. If it weren't for that fact that all 5 of us knew how to survive on our own, technology or not, those bodies would have died a lot sooner than they did.

Then again, the reason we all look so young, but are so old is because our spirits roam, transferring from body to body, especially since our original bodies were destroyed but our spirits gained eternal life. We never pass on, and, instead, we take residence in the bodies of humans (and the ones that are human-like). If those "people" manage to be able to use our "abilities" they can not only see and do things other humans can't, but can also cross between planes (an example is the spirit plane, which is kind of like an over-layer to the one we live on, and this plane). The scary part is that they can connect with both at the same time, and converse with being on both sides. If it weren't for that, my host wouldn't know even 20% of what he does. That happens to be the reason we are know as the SSF.

Long ago, when we were all alive, we were known only as the Super Force Five. No one knew who we really were, where we came from, or anything else about us. At one point we were considered a threat to justice. That feeling has dissipated since then, but we now threaten some of the most powerful beings out there, some of which were actual deities (most of which are now gone, though we spared a few of them, who actually tends to help us out fromt time to time). We were slowly becoming deities ourselves, and we put a stop to that, making peace with the rest of them. We have not gone up against anything that powerful since. We participated in a few wars throughout Earth's history. Written out of the histroy books, not mentioned once, we were never talked about. History is written by the victor of each war. Wierd thing is, we aren't mentioned on either side. We have been in the bodies some of the most powerful soldiers in any war (I mean as powerful as the king of England before what was known as the American Revolution). George Washington (1st president) was the host of my brother, the one the "story" is about. Then again, he did all that and more, not just what's in the poll and the story. It stopped quite some time ago, but there was a bit of a miscalculation in the story. I was here for about 1,000 years. He came looking for me about 400 years ago, and finally found me here (We each were lost in the Space-Time Continuum, separating all 5 of us from each other). We regrouped on Earth just as the American Revolution was beginning. I guess he simplified the story, but it was too far off, even for my taste. It wasn't until that point that all 5 of us were together since the "Space-Time Incident" occurred.

We stayed together for some time, and the bodies died. We were together again during that Civil War in America. We didn't stay for long that time. That was also the last time I had a host that could use my abilities. He prefers to use his own abilities, but uses my energy for his abilities, which is unheard-of for any of us. No host of any of the Spiritual Force Five members has ever done so (one has tried, but died in doing so. I have absolutely no idea how he does so.). Either way, he has inherited my will, and uses it scarcely (he thinks in ways I never would have imagined, especially since he called for me after the time I usually enter a body, birth). His way of thinking contradicts itself in so many ways, I have absolutely no idea what he'll do next. What I can figure out is:

He rarely acts without wondering, doesn't compromise his beliefs, and knows when he can't do something, my help or not. He knows his limits and never passes them with my energy, thinking that if he uses more energy than he can control, he'll end up killing himself. It's happened before, and I think he knows it, so that's probably why he doesn't use my energy that often. He's the first one in over a 100 years to be able to use my abilities period, and the first one to be able to use a spirit's energy as his own, mine or otherwise. He's a one-of-a-kind human, the likes of which is not seen for over 2,000 years.

He intends to help people mentally, since he can't do so physically on his own. He also has a bit of touble with talking in person (stammering, lack of words, forget what he wants to talk about, etc.), but the opposite happens when a subject he likes, much like a friend, pops up. He can't stop talking in those cases. He's a wierd one, but I've come to like him quite a bit. He may be an 18 year-old male, but it's like he's far from it (gender and age wise).

I guess that's it for now.