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Nobel peace prize controversy

An ignoble prize

Posted by Highnlonesome on 2009-10-11 19:26:30

A farcical decision that will destroy whatever shaky credibility the Nobel Peace Prize has left.

If we are to have a Nobel prize for peace, I think it should go to someone who has shown real heroism and self-sacrifice in pursuit of peace and justice, not just made a few speeches.

Posted by DDH52 on 2009-10-19 19:39:33


Like you gave a crap who got the prize before Obama did.

Posted by Malph on 2009-10-24 06:19:48

How about we give it to someone who actually did something to deserve it before the deadline for nominating a person for the prize.

And now to explain myself to people who never did the research:

The deadline for nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize is FEBRUARY 1st. Obama took office on JANUARY 20th. So unless Obama did things on par with Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, and the Red Cross in only 13 days he didn't deserve the award.

Posted by Malph on 2009-10-25 07:11:34

Like you gave a crap who got the prize before Obama did.

Was it Martti Ahtisaari, of Finland, for his work to resolve international conflicts?

Well, was I right? Don't bother answering, I already know I am (but feel free to look it up anyway, It might win you $1,000,000 on a gameshow one day, ya never know).

Posted by DDH52 on 2009-10-25 21:17:08


The Nobel committee makes their decision on the year prior to their deliberation - not the year prior to the date of the nomination.

Besides, it was partly a preemptive award - it will make the conservatards heads explode, then there will be peace

and the other part is the fact that he isn't another George Bush.