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Obama's Health Care Reform

Sickening Reform

Posted by Nemolgades on 2009-09-29 00:05:28

Sadly you're the only dweeb here. I live in a Socialist country (Austria) and guess what? Life's awesome here. No drawbacks whatsoever. Government has little to no say at all in daily life. And we're rich.

Go figure.

Posted by U S A on 2009-09-30 13:00:10

“…….Government has little to no say at all in daily life. …….”▬Nemo▬

It sounds like your dweebs use more self restraint then our dweebs.

If your government has little or no say then they might, in reality be Conservative, therefore SINO’s (Socialist In Name Only).

The American socialists are plotting all the time.

The latest socialist plot is to fine American Citizens (illegal aliens will not be subject to the new punishments) $1,900.00 (average) each year they don’t have a policy.

If they can’t/don’t pay the fine, they will be imprisoned for one year, then fined an additional $25,000.00 each year they don’t have a policy.

“…….And we're rich. …….”▬Nemo▬

Congratulations on your riches !

We have 20 million illegal aliens here, + more scurrying across our borders everyday.

They have never paid taxes but are using services paid for by American Citizens.

Let me know how many of these freeloaders you would like sent to your rich country.

I’m sure you want to ‘Spread The Wealth’.


              → → → → →|||||obamorons are herded|||||← ← ← ← ←

Posted by Mayworks123 on 2009-10-02 20:46:50

The plan to make it mandatory to have health care insurance and to hand out fines to those who don't was proposed by Max Baucus in the BIPARTISAN bill, it's not of Obama's doing.

Posted by Josh Smith-Jones on 2009-11-22 09:38:08

WE can all chill a bit. by the time all the changes are made we won't even recognzie the bill.

No one is going to go to prison for not paying their health care premiums. They may get their check garnished, but that is about it.