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(Guys) Have You Ever Lost Your Bathing Suit at a Public Pool?

it happen to me

Posted by Twilight Sky on 2014-02-17 07:09:13

Yes, yes. This has happened to me at the water park on several occasions in a couple of different ways. Two I remember in particular. The first was when I was walking under one of the climbing contraptions and little did I know that giant bucket full of thousands of gallons of water was about to empty. Well, when the water hit me it nearly succeeded in knocking me down. It did succeed in dropping my baggy swim trunks to my ankles. I pulled them back up ASAP, glanced around to see if anyone had witnessed what had happened, and to my embarrassment several females were covering their mouths and trying not to laugh.

The second experience was far worse. I was attempting to boogie board in that pool where the water jets by under the board extremely quickly. When you do this there's always a big crowd standing around watching (and often recording video with phones, hoping to see someone wipe-out). Well the baggy trunks failed me again (I'm so glad I've since switched to speedos). The swim trunks got sucked right off me and I wiped-out. The water shot my suit and boogie board in one direction and my now completely bare self in the other - flipping and spinning me, so all the spectators saw all I had to offer. There were plenty of female spectators as well, all pointing, laughing, and making cat-calls. I quickly stood covering my crotch as best I could with my hands and tried to go retrieve my suit only to slip and fall twice more, re-exposing my privates each time. when I got to the suit I realized it was jammed in the filter. Try as I might I couldn't get it out. I even resorted to pulling with both hands at one point. After failing I ran (still nude) over to the water park staff person running this section and asked if she had anything I could cover up with. The girl, who looked eighteen at most, eyed my crotch and giggled, saying there was nothing she could do, as she sat comfortably on her towel in her smart one-piece. She even had the nerve to tell me that it was against the rules to not wear a swimsuit in the water park. The humiliation of having to stand naked their arguing with her while the crowd only increased in size was unbearable and I finally pushed through some of the spectators and made a break for the changing rooms. Worst water park experience ever.

Posted by firepoint525 on 2019-06-22 18:53:57

That girl should have been fired. Definitely NOT a class act on her part!

Posted by cavalierenero on 2019-06-28 18:04:25

Recently I was on holiday in the mountains in a hotel where there is also the SPA. Naturally divided between adults and minors. I made friends with another boy my age, and one afternoon we decided to go to the sauna. We thought it was permissible to keep the bathing suit. Instead for the boys it was mandatory to be naked!